Mount Kailash – Secrets Of Shiva’s Pyramid

Almost every pilgrim who goes to Mount Kailash reports unusual experiences. Is it possible that Mount Kailash is some kind of. Extraterrestrial base inside The Tibetan Himalayas.

In this harsh desolate region of the world stands a mountain which is sacred to billions of people. The distinctive peak of Mount Kailash! The mountain raises to some 22000 feet, pretty much straight up it’s seen as somewhat conical from one side, more like a pyramid. It is the origins of four of the world’s great religions Hinduism Buddhism Jainism and Daoism. 

Mount Kailash is believed to be home of Shiva. He’s supposed to reside on top of Mount Kailash because of that it is sacred. In 1999 a group of Russian scientists spent a month at Mount Kailash studying its structure. What they found led to put forth a controversial theory. One that suggests Mount Kailash may be much more than just the mythological home of Shiva. They observed that its apex, its peak highly resembles a man made pyramid and began to develop the theory that in fact the apex of Mount Kailash is manmade or perhaps made by extraterrestrials as the home of Shiva. And if this mountain is a huge pyramid then it will be the largest pyramid in the world and it is in fact very similar to a statistical pyramid!

According to all religions that Revere the mountain believe that setting foot on its slopes is a dire sin. And it is claimed, that many who tried to ventured have died in the process. Because of this the Chinese Government prohibits climbing Mount Kailash. But curiously, many who visit the mountain have reported strange happenings. 

Almost every pilgrim who goes to Mount Kailash reports unusual experiences along the way. A lot of people report rapid aging. If they stay in the area then the fingernails grow faster and even the hair grows faster.

 Is it possible that there really is some sort of energy emanating from Mount Kailash. Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that considering the strange anomalies and the legends that warn against ascending the peak now Kailash may be radioactive. As further evidence. They point to a drawing that was discovered in the caves of western China. Approximately 600 miles north of Mount Kailash. Between 500B.C. and fifteen hundred A.D. Buddhas stashed away over fifty thousand manuscripts in the cave system. These went undiscovered until a group of British researchers came there in 1947 and rediscovered the cave and hidden among these manuscripts was an incredible diagram representing the Mount Kailash as the cosmic access or Stairway to Heaven of the Buddhist in Hindu tradition. The thing about this diagram is that it appears to be highly technological. Ancient astronaut theories suggest that this diagram appears incredibly similar to a modern day particle accelerator. The type used to power a nuclear reactor. 

And some propose that just before the time of the great flood the remote mountain peak provided the perfect location for extra terrestrials to dispose of their nuclear technology. Much like Yucca Mountain in Nevada is used to store nuclear waste today. Is it possible that Mount Kailash in Tibet is some kind of hollowed out mountain? Hollowed out thousands of years ago. Perhaps by extraterrestrials and could be completely poisoned by radiation? Could Mount Kailash contain the ultimate physical evidence of an earlier advanced civilization here on Earth? One that had nuclear capabilities which were given to them by extraterrestrials represented in the form of the Hindu gods? Agent astronaut theorists suggest that the truth about our past may be uncovered by taking a closer examination of Shiva and what he truly represents. 

Russian philosopher and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Nicolas Rodrick is exploring the Himalayan mountains when he sees a giant oval moving at a high speed and glowing like the sun. Changing directions from south to southwest. It disappears into the sky. Many of these you asked for sightings are reported by Hindu pilgrims who move towards Mount Kailash. Sometimes appearing to go directly into the mountain and sometimes people even claim there there’s an underground UFO base as there have been reports of UFOs coming from the sky and disappearing at ground level. If Mount Kailash was once radioactive as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest. Could the presence of UFOs in the area be a sign that it is once again safe to access or could it still contain working technology that extraterrestrials continue to utilize to this day. Some ancient astronaut theorists propose the answer may be found by taking another look at The Hindu God – Lord Shiva! 

Written By: Ashish Singh

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