Is Kali Yuga Over?

According to Vedic reckoning, we are currently in Kali Yuga, an unspiritual age of ignorance, sin and short period of time. The other three ages are Satya Yuga (Age of knowledge and Truth), Treta Yuga (Silver Age), and also the Dwapara Yuga (Copper Age).

The precession (caused by gradual rotation of the Earth’s axis) of the equinoxes is the period of time that it takes the Earth’s axis to pass through one complete cycle of the zodiac. It takes the planet 72 years to pass through one degree of the zodiac and 25,920 years to complete one full circle of 360 degrees. One half of the journey takes 12,960 years and covers the four yugas. Satya Yuga lasts 5184 years. Treta Yuga lasts 3888 years. Dwapara Yuga lasts 2592 years. Kali Yuga lasts 1296 years. These four yugas taken together come to a total of 12,960 years

  • Some perceptions concerning kaliyuga:

Does that mean dissolution (Pralaya)?

According to the Yuga Cycle belief, the shift periods between Yugas are continuously related to a worldwide collapse of civilizations and severe environmental catastrophes, which wipe out just about each trace of any human civilization.

 The new civilization that emerges within the new Yuga is guided by a couple of survivors of the cataclysm, who carry with them the technical and religious knowledge of the previous era.

The Kali Yuga mystery

In spite of the frilly system framework that describes the characteristics of this age, the beginning and finish dates of the Kali Yuga stay shrouded in mystery. The popularly accepted date for the start of the Kali Yuga is 3102 B.C., 35 years when the conclusion of the battle of the Mahabharata. This can be remarkably about to the projected starting of the “Great Cycle” of the Mayan Calendar in 3114 B.C…

Looking for proof

There is often a little question that the 3102 B.C. date for the Kali Yuga doesn’t have a basis. The date just about pops out of obscurity. Before 500 BC, this date wasn’t mentioned in any Sanskrit text. From where, then, did Aryabhatta acquire this date?

There looks to be no indication that Aryabhatta had computed this date himself. There’s one related to this date within the text Aryabhatiya, wherever Aryabhatta mentions that the text was composed 3,600 years into the Kali Yuga.


What this means is that descending Kali yuga started around 600 BC and lasted till 400 A.D followed by ascending Kali Yuga that started from 600 A.D (after a 200 year of “sandhi”) lasting till 1600 A.D. We are now into ascending Dwapara from 1900 A.D that will last till 3900 A.D.

So, we are really not in Kaliyuga at all. We are in an era of innovation, explosion of Scientific discoveries, information age. However, the dark forces of Kaliyuga still exert their influence which we can see clearly in the acts of terrorism happening around the world.

Following is a pictorial depiction of Yuga Cycle:

Evidence that Kaliyuga has long passed and we are currently living in Dwapar Yuga

Above graph shows GDP per capita from 1 AD till today. As you can see, from 1 AD till about 1800 AD, there was no change in the income of the people of the world. And according to the book The Holy Science by Shri Yukteshwar giri, kalyug ended aroung 1800AD. And just see the dramatic change the world has seen just in the last 100 years.

The first automobile was made in 1885, the first moon landing happened in 1969. From making cars to going to the moon in less than 100 years !!!

The amount of change that has happened in the last 100 years is amazing. And now you might says – “but all this development is because people are becoming more egoistic”

Wrong, the people are not becoming egoistic. The people were always egoistic. The only difference between now and the past is that in past no one was having money, everyone was poor. And now people have money, so they do crazy things.

The reason why the development of technology is so important is that we can create a new technology only if can realize the science that allows these technologies to function. The modern technology today is almost all electronic. And thats exactly the quality of dwapar yugas. The atom was always there, the electron was always there, the silicon was always there, the science of making computers, Internet, rockets was always there. Why is it that only now we are able to understand all these details of the creation.

Being close to god is not about shouting raadhe raadhe or hare krishna or some other useless slogans. Being close to god is about understanding the details with which god has made this world.

Attributes of different yugas (from The Holy Science)

Kali Yuga – Man is limited by the gross material world. Man can comprehend nothing beyond the visible material world. So a man in kali yug can not even think about internet or computer or any such thing.

Dwapar Yuga – Consciousness of man is half developed. Man can now understand the fine matter (sub atomic particles and particles even smaller than that) that makes the physical world. This is the age of energy. And as you can see, all our current inventions are based on our knowledge of atom and electron ( electronics). And this is the evidence that we live in Dwapar Yuga.

Treta Yuga – Human begins to understand divine magnetism. ( Now the problem is, we don’t know what exactly this means. Yukteshwar Giri has also said that it is impossible to explain about divine magnetism to a man of dwapar yuga, as our intelligence is not developed yet. Just like it is impossible to explain internet to a cave man of kali yug). Next treta will start in 4099 AD.

Satya Yug – Man can now comprehend all, even god the spirit.

Can one overcome this cycle of yugas?

Written By: Kuber Sharma / Ashish Singh

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