25 Interesting Facts about Shri Krishna

The following are some unknown facts related to Lord Krishna:

  1. When the earth and Devas had pleaded to Sri Hari Narayan to slay Kamsa and other Asuras, the Lord had plucked out his black hair and said this black hair will be born as Krishna on the earth. But during the time of Devaki getting pregnant for the eighth time, the scriptures say that with the desire of welfare of the three worlds, Bhagavan Sri Vishnu entered the womb of Devaki. This fact reinforces the idea that there is no difference between Bhagvana and his parts. Vedanta Sutras reveal that Brahman is without a part, so if Bhagavan has no part, that means each part is a ‘whole’ itself. Thus, this little incident establishes the truth of Vedanta wonderfully.
  2. The six embryos were none other than the six sons of Kalanemi, brother of Hiranyakashipu,who were planted by Yogamaya (on the order of Vishnu) in the womb of Devaki. They were devoted towards Vishnu in their past lives but Hiranyakashipu, who was against the Lord, had cursed these boys to be killed by their own father, since they weren’t abandoning Hari-bhakti. Now, those same six boys were born from Devaki and killed by Kamsa the next instant, who was none other than Kalanemi reborn. Thus, the curse got fulfilled and Vishnu ensured that his devotees live momentarily in this Mrityu-loka, and come back to him quickly without any sufferings.
  3. Yogamaya and Vishnu had entered the wombs of Yashoda and Devaki respectively at the same time. While Krishna was born on Ashtami of Bhadrapada month, Krishnā (Yogamaya) was born on Navami of the same month.Image result for krishna artwork molee
  4. Vasudeva had not gone to Gokul for exchanging the babies. The moment Vasudeva had crossed the Yamuna carrying Krishna in the basket, he had spotted Nanda and others staying in a temporary shelter on the banks of Yamuna. They had actually come to Mathura to pay taxes to Kamsa. So Vasudeva quickly exchanged the babies in Mathura itself.
  5. When Kamsa had slashed the baby girl of Yashoda against the rock, she flew and stationed herself in the sky to reveal her Jagadambika-Swaroop. After warning Kamsa, she went to Indra’s abode and was honoured there as his sister. And from there, she went to reside on Vindhyachal mountain as Devi Nandā (daughter of Nanda) to slay the Asuras Sumbha and Nisumbha in future. This is the first younger sister of Krishna, and she is NOT Subhadrā by any logic. For constructive refutation of Subhadrā and Yogamaya being same, read this Abhishek Kumar Singh (अभिषेक कुमार सिंह)’s answer to Whose incarnation was Subhadra?
  6. It is also a common misconception that Vasudeva and Devaki stayed in the prison till Krishna came to kill Kamsa. No. When Kamsa was terrified by Yogamaya’s warning, he himself came and apologized to her sister and brother-in-law. Kamsa had bowed down and touched the feet of Devaki and said “Oh Devaki! I bow down in front of you as a son and seek your forgiveness”. Thus, Devaki had forgiven her, considering it all as destiny and both of them were freed.
  7. After getting freed, Vasudeva had again visited Nanda who was staying on the banks of Yamuna and urged him to quickly go back to his residence else Kamsa will issue order to kill his son. Thus advised, Nanda returned to Gokul along with his peoples, who were dancing in joy at the birth of Krishna. Nanda and Yashoda were very old by the time Krishna had become their son, and not like youngsters as portrayed in TV serials.
  8. Sage Garga had performed the post birth rituals and the naming ceremony of Krishna, and Ram.
  9. When Krishna was eating mud in open, Yashoda had screamed at him. It is said that the one whose one glance can burn whole universe, was scared to open his mouth due to the angry glace of his mother. Such beautiful is the Vatsalya-Rasa, that establishes in the presence of Krishna. Episodes like these reinforces the idea that God is forever subservient to his devotees.
  10. When the Giri-Yajna was arranged by the peoples of Vraja, contrary to the popular notions, heaps of animal meat were prepared to offer in the Yajna, along with rice, milk and sweets. And it was Krishna himself who had appeared in the form of Govardhana and accepted all the offerings. At the same time, the original Krishna had worshipped himself as Govardhana. Govardhana had asked to all to worship him henceforth in the form of cows and gave the boon that Vrajabhoomi will never run out of cows.
  11. When Indra had apologized Krishna for his mistake, he had done his abhishekam and named him as Govinda, the sole benefactor of the cows. It was then that Indra had made Krishna promised that he’ll forever support and protect Arjuna in future, who was his partial expansion. Krishna had promised Indra to do so.
  12. Vishnu Purana doesn’t says Krishna was a flautist, but it says that Krishna was a wonderful singer. Same goes with Harivamsa. His songs would attract everyone and make them lost in another world. However, the idea of flute is introduced in Bhagvatam.
  13. The flute of Krishna is none other than Devi Chandravali, who is again one of the expansions of Radha, the Maharani of Vrindavan, and an esoteric form of Lakshmi. She always gets to be touched by the lotus lips of the Lord. For more details, read Abhishek Kumar Singh (अभिषेक कुमार सिंह)’s answer to Did Lord Krishna stop playing the flute after he left Vrindavan?
  14. Radha is absent in Vishnu Purana, Harivamsa and Bhagvatam, though indications have been given that there was one Gopika who sported with Krishna exclusively. Perhaps she is Radha in all probability.
  15. Narada had already revealed to Kamsa that the boy sporting in Vrindavan and killing his Asuras was the eighth son of Devaki. He had also been told that the seventh conception of Devaki was still alive and the girl child that he had tried to smash against the rock was residing as Devi Vindhyavaasini at the Vindhyachal mountain.
  16. Kamsa was a child born of rape, when his mother was forced upon secretly by the Asura Drumilla. Dejected, she had cursed “This son of yours born from me, who will be evil in conduct, will be killed by the son of true lineage of my husband”. And indeed, Devaki was true daughter of Ugrasena (Kamsa’s stepfather) and her son was destined to kill him
  17. When Krishna had entered Mathura alongwith Akrura, he had seen the royal washerman of Kamsa nearby. He had proceeded and asked “Dear, we wish to have some new clothes to wear for the ceremony of Dhanush-Yajna”. The washerman, having the arrogance of being connected to royal family, had abused them for this casual demand of clothes, as if he were a normal washerman. The Lord hadn’t like his way of talking. He had then uplifted his hand and slapped him on the head. The impact was so gigantic that the head of washerman had detached from his body and fell away. It is believed that he was the same washerman who had hurled suspicions at Sita when Krishna was Ram, and was punished now.
  18. Krishna and Balarama completed their formal education under the tutelage of Sandipani Rishi in a period of merely 64 days.
  19. Most probably, Subhadra was born during this time, when Kamsa had been killed and Krishna was at Ashrama of Sandipani. She was the second younger sister of Krishna and born to Rohini-Vasudeva.
  20. Contrary to the popular notion, Krishna was never the King of Dvaravati. Ugrasena was the Lord and Sandipani was the official royal priest. Anadhrishti was commander-in-chief of the army and Vikradu was the prime minister. Daruka was the charioteer of Krishna. Not even Ugrasena was a true king, because they belonged to the dynasty of Yadu, who was cursed by Yayati that his scions shall never be kings.
  21. The world’s first love letter was sent by Rukmini to Krishna. She had conveyed him through her messenger “I have fixed my mind shamelessly upon you, for there is no one else than you whom I desire. Though my family sees you with disgust, I feel delighted to here about you glories and valour. Which girl with a good mind will choose someone like Shishupala, king of Chedi, and Reject you?”. And hence Krishna had marched into her city and abducted her just before her wedding rituals like a hero.
  22. Krishna had once met his first younger sister, Goddess Vindhyavaasini, after he had brought Parijata from paradise. He had been glad to meet her. This is the only meeting recorded between him and Yogamaya during the duration of avatara.
  23. Many would wonder how Krishna ended up marrying 16,000 junior wives? It was due to boon of Ashtavakra to the celestial damsels to attain Sri Hari as their husband for some period of time. Read this if you want to know in detail Abhishek Kumar Singh (अभिषेक कुमार सिंह)’s answer to Why did the Hindu God Krishna have 16,000 wives?
  24. The name of four horses of Krishna’s chariot were Sugriva, Shaibya, Meghapushpa and Balahaka.
  25. Much prior to the war of Mahabharata, Krishna had revealed his divinity to Partha and taken him to his eternal abode of Vaikuntha. For more details, refer Abhishek Kumar Singh (अभिषेक कुमार सिंह)’s answer to What are some of the best Lord Krishna’s stories?

Jai Sri Krishna!

Written By: Abhishek Kumar Singh (अभिषेक कुमार सिंह)

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