5 Mysterious Shiva Temples in India

Kedarnath Temple – The Kedarnath Temple is a miracle temple. It is said about this temple that it does not face any problem. This temple built by the Pandavas was renovated by King Bhoj after Shankaracharya. In 2013, all the area around the temple was destroyed in the terrible devastation. But even in that terrible storm and flood, the Kedarnath temple stood with its full glory. It is the biggest miracles for the whole world. Even today people believe that this miracle was done by God. It was the power of Mahadev that saved the Kedarnath temple even during the Holocaust. Even today lakhs of devotees come here to visit.

Achleshwar Mahadev Temple – One should visit the ‘Achleshwar Mahadev’ of Rajasthan. The Shivalinga enshrined in this temple keeps changing its color. This is what scholars say about the ‘Achleshwar Mahadev’ temple located in Dhaulpur district of Rajasthan, that this Shivlinga changes color three times a day. This Shivalinga appears red in the morning. At the same time, in the afternoon it becomes saffron color and at night it appears in black color. What is the reason behind changing the color of Shivalinga of ‘Achleshwar Mahadev’ temple? To understand this, the people of the archaeological department also tried hard. But when no clue was received, everyone accepted it as a miracle of God.

Bhuteshwarnath Shivling, Chhattisgarh – This unique Shiva temple has a natural Shivlinga which is famous as Bhuteshwarnath. The special thing about this unique Shivlinga is that it is the largest natural Shivlinga in the world, which is getting bigger and thicker over time. Its height increases by 6 to 8 inches every year.

Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple – Many Puranas mention this place of pilgrimage. Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva, had established a Shivalinga on the sacred land of the Mahisagar Sangam Tirtha, which has been called Sri Stambheshwar Mahadev. It is believed that with the only sight of this, a person is freed from all sufferings and all his desires are fulfilled. It is on the Kavi-Kamboi beach, in Jambusar tehsil of Bharuch district of Gujarat, in the Kumbheshwaratirth. The specialty of the temple is that the sea itself consecrates the Shree Stambheshwar Shivling twice a day. When the sea water rises, the temple is submerged in water and in a short time the water also comes down. The Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is about 40 km away from Vadodara in Gujarat, you can reach here via bus or taxi from Vadodara.

Tuti Jharna Shiva Temple – This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is very amazing because there is no one else but Lord Ganga herself. The Shiva lingam installed in this temple called Broken waterfall, located in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand, is performed by Maa Ganga herself twelve months and twenty four hours a year. This worship of Shivlinga by Maa Ganga has been going on continuously for centuries. In this temple of Ramgarh, the mystery has not been solved even today from where this water comes out and whether it is its source. But from the religious point of view, it is a miracle of Lord Shiva, who is also worshiped by Maa Ganga herself.

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