8 Unsolved Mysteries of India

There are many unsolved mysteries in india. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Son Bhandar Caves – It is situated in Bihar. It is said that “Son Bhandar” which means “store of gold” is home to hidden treasure. It is said that there is a very huge amount of gold hidden in the cave, but till now no one could find it. Inside the cage there is a doorway like structure and some inscription is written on it. It is said that whoever manages to read it can open the door, but till now no one has managed to open it. Many attempts were made but none succeeded to find it. British government also tried to explode it, but everything went in vain. It is said to be one of the best tourist attraction in Bihar.

2. Mass bird suicide, Jatinga Assam – Jatinga is a small village in Assam. It is said that at the end of the monsoon especially during foggy nights, these birds are attracted by the villagers of Jatinga and killed. It usually takes place between 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The villagers there believe that those birds were the spirits who wanted to terrorize them. It is also said that not only birds but many other animals are also killed due to this belief. But steps are taken to solve this mystery by wildlife officials, by creating awareness among the illiterate villagers. Since then birth death rate have decreased

3. Kodinhi ( a kerela village of twins) – It is said to be one of the most mysterious village with largest no. of twins in the country. As estimated there are 400 pairs of twins in the village, that has a population around of 2000 families. Many researchers have visited this village and also took samples of D.N.A. They took out many points as to why this occurred, but nothing has been proved yet. The mystery remains unsolved.

4. Roopkund Lake – It is also called the Lake of Skeleton on Mystery Lake. It is situated in Uttarakhand State. After every 12 yrs people gather here to worship Goddess Nanda. It is said that every year snow melts and one can see hundreds of scattered skulls. Many people said many things about this lake, some said it could be a suicide ritual performed near the lake. Many also said that while returning to their home, soldiers got stuck in bad weather and then they died. Now the scientists said that the skeletons belonged to 9th century Indian tribesmen, who died due to bad weather or hailstorm.

5. Prahlad Jani – He is also known as Mataji or Churiwala Mataji. He was born in 13 august 1929. He says that he lived without food and water since 1940. He also says that Goddess Durga sustains in him. At the age of 7 he left home, and at the age of 12 it is said that he underwent a spiritual experience and after that he became a follower of Hindu Goddess Amba. then he chose to dress wearing a sari and jewelry. Jani believes that Goddess provides him water which drops through a hole in his palate, because of this he can survive without food or drink. Many times he has been kept under observation, bathroom were sealed, he was kept in locked room without food or water, but still he survived. So the mystery still remains unsolved.

6. Mystery of doorless home – There is a village Shani Shingnapur in Maharastra. In this village there are homes without main doors, shops are also left unlocked. There, the villagers believe that the Lord Shani, the God of Saturn guards the village from the evil. About 300yrs ago, heavy black slab of rock was found in the shores of Panasnala River and when the villagers touched it with a stick, blood started coming out of it. After that it is said that Lord Shani appeared in the dream of the village head and ordered him to keep the slab in the centre of the village and also said that it must not be covered as he needed to oversee the village without hindrance. Lord Shani then blessed the leader and promised to protect it from danger. Due to this strange history around 40,000 visitors come to visit this place. Mystery is still unsolved and still there are no main gates in their houses, and there are no crimes or theft committed in the village.

7. Gyanganj (A mysterious lands of Immortals) – Gyanganj is located in isolated valley in the Himalayas. Its also called with different names like Shangri- La, Siddhashram or mostly Shambhala. It is also said that we can’t access Gyanganj unless we have a karmic connection with it. It is said that only enlightened yogis, who are above desires and sorrow can reach this place. People also say that Gyanganj cannot be discovered by modern satellites and mapping techniques. Most of them even say, there is no death in Gyanganj. Not only in Hindu scripture but Gyanganj has its roots in Buddhism also. Though the tales of Gyanganj is mesmerizing, but we can also say in this world where people are so fake, unkind full of negativity somewhere there is a place where yogis are truly moral and above any desires and sorrows.

8. Hanging Pillar in Lepakshi Temple – Lepakshi Temple is one of our ancient temple which is built in 16th century. This temple has inscription on every pillar and its roofs are very beautifully crafted. The Fresco paintings are detailed and full of colours. There are stories of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Puranas. Largest monolithic Nandi sculpture in India is situated in the gateway of this temple. You will be mesmerized by seeing the artistic work of this temple. Inside the temple there is one pillar that does not touch the ground floor at all. It is called “the hanging pillar”. A British engineer even tried to rectify it, but he couldn’t because it was damaging the temple. Later it is said that the pillar acted as a ballast to the hall’s roof.

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