Alien Downpour: The Red Rain of India

It’s a hot and humid July in 2001. Something very strange has happened on planet Earth. Here in Kerala, southern India, many villages are the focus of a possible alien invasion.

Its monsoon season and the locals here are used to heavy storms. It starts with rain. But there is something very out of the ordinary about this rain. It’s blood red. This is no science fiction story. It’s weather right here on Earth.  

The local people were horrified. In some places it was very intense. Villagers feared it’s the end of the world. According to Hindu religion, it is an era of destruction, Kaliyuga, and these are the signs there will be chaos and it will rain fire. From a long time, people have heard stories about how the world would end in the year 2000, and when the rain came, people thought it was a warning sent from God, and they were very scared.

The world didn’t end, in fact. The ruby tinged rain continued for two months. Working in the area was a physicist. He didn’t know it at the time, but his life was about to change forever. His name is Dr. Godfrey Louis.

 The first official explanation of the red rain was pretty dull. Government officials claimed that it was red coloured dust that had blown in from Arabia. Godfrey didn’t buy this. He was convinced that there was something extra special about the red rain. He trailed around villages collecting samples and under an electron microscope, he saw that the particles weren’t dust at all. They were alive.

But what was this mysterious life form. There was only one way to find out. Take a look at the DNA. The results came back. There was no DNA. Life was never seen in this form before.  

Scientists are puzzled and struggle to explain this freak event of nature. Over in Washington DC, the planetary protection officer remained skeptical. He thought that the red rain had a more mundane origin. The material when examined by astrophysicists and people who are looking for evidence to support a view, doesn’t appear to be anything they have ever seen before. But people who actually have seen things before say that it looked like red algae to them.

For the moment, the jury’s out. But some people remain convinced that this sort of inter planetary transfer of microbes is how life first originated on Earth. There are an increasing number of scientists who are happy to put their family ancestry down to aliens. Earth life is essentially alien life, it is not a life that was indigenous to the Earth by any means. And if we’ve evolved from that life then we are the products of evolution from alien life. If this hypothesis is correct then, all the life that we see today originated from material that was brought into our planet and if it’s coming from beyond the atmosphere, then it is extra terrestrial. This is the way life propagates on Earth.

Written By: Devashish

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