Alien Rock Paintings Of Charama

The state department of Chhattisgarh’s archaeology and culture departmental procedures to ask help from famous renowned space agency’s ISRO and NASA for conducting a study as well as research on over10, 000-year-old paintings present on rocks which depicts the species of unidentified flying objects and aliens. These rock paintings are present in the Charama area in the district of Kanker located in the tribal Bastar region of India.

According to JR Bhagat who is a famous archaeologist, these ancient paintings are carved magnificently on rocks and have depicted the representations of aliens similar to those conferred flicks. These paintings in the cave are located in the village of Gotitola and Chandeli and are located at a distance of 130 kilometers from Raipur. The magnificent state of Chhattisgarh located in India has an excess of antique carved paintings on rocks and walls of the cave. Several historical places have representations of ancient people and other unidentified creatures in common displays.These amazing paintings of aliens infer that the humans living in the ancient period of time may have witnessed or have believed in these alien species coming from other planets. After the discovery of these paintings, this subject has created interest amongst local people and researchers from all over the world. According to the scientists, a wide area of expanded analysis is required for further research and conclusion.

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The state of Chhattisgarh currently doesn’t have any such archeological specialists who could give results and clarity on these paintings.There are numerous beliefs among the people of the villages. While some villagers adore and worship these paintings of aliens, whereas other people tell different tales which they have listened from their ancestors. According to them “These are the real people from the sky with advanced technologies traveling in round spacecrafts”.According to the different archaeologist, these paintings of aliens on rocks are made up using the natural colors which have faded from the several years. The amazingly sculpted figures of aliens can be observed holding structures which resembles weapon-like articles and look asymmetrical and doesn’t have clear features.

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Notably, the trunk and mouths of the figures of paintings are missing. In some other paintings, these aliens are even depicted carrying weapons and wearing space suits.India, the place that is known for a wonderfully rich custom may be before the sultriest center of aliens and extraterrestrial creatures. Numerous history specialists and archeologists in India trust that mountain men who lived in the pre-noteworthy age have painted pictures of aliens and UFOs in rocks at Charama, Chhattisgarh. Archeologists in India trust that individuals in pre-noteworthy ages may have seen aliens either, all things considered, or in creative ability, and this may have made them draw such figures on rocks. The alien paintings on rocks were reported to be of about 10,000 years old (8,000BC). The state government of Chattisgarh has asked the space agencies like ISRO and NASA presumably to support them with a wide range of research work into these paintings of aliens on the rock.

Written By: Jitesh Gupta

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