Amit Shah to P Chidambaram : I am the storm!

As you sow, so shall you reap!

In 2010,

P Chidambaram to Amit Shah : You will not be able to withstand the storm that I am going to bring to your life!

In 2019,

Amit Shah to P Chidambaram : I am the storm!

What a “coincidence”!!

In 2010, when P Chidambaram was Home Minister in Congress-led government, Amit Shah was arrested by CBI for murder in Sohrabuddin case in Gujarat, which was alleged fake.

P Chidambaram ordered to arrest Amit Shah on murder charges.

According to the case, Amit Shah, then home minister of Gujarat ordered the extra judicial killings of Sohrabuddin, his wife and their friend who was witness to Sohrabuddin’s killing in 2005.

Amit Shah was later granted clean chit by the Supreme Court as the court found no involvement of Mr. Shah in the case.

And now, in 2019, the Supreme Court has rejected P Chidambaram’s request for protection from arrest and has ordered to cancel his bail request after corruption case was filed against him.

Former Home Minister P Chidambaram and his son holds huge assets in more than 12 countries across the world.

The Income Tax Chennai Investigation Department has submitted a report of 200 pages of assets of the former Home Minister P Chidambaram after which he went missing for several hours before getting arrested.

On the contrary, now Home Minister Amit Shah who was arrested on murder charges back in 2010 by the CBI, co-operated with the officials and himself surrendered in the CBI office, after holding the press conference stating he will come out clean and he did.

Karma hits back! And it hits back really hard!!

Edit : I am not blindly supporting any parties over here!

Corruption is corruption and it needs punishment, be it Congress, BJP or any other parties!


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