Anunnaki connection with Indian Gods – Who created the Hindu Civilization?

According to a theory, several common “mythological” components are shared across India, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Europe. These similarities are normally discharged by thought academia despite the ever-mounting proof of our common ancestry. Western lecturers are too typically disregard the apparent cultural connections between the Sumerian, Egyptian, Indus valley, and Asian civilizations. Rather than compartmentalizing every culture into a reciprocally exclusive analysis, the Archive can endeavor to attach some dots between them. The main target of this presentation is on the ancient Hindu civilization’s affiliation to the Sumerian pantheon of gods known as the Anunnaki.

Anunnaki is additionally one amongst the foremost polemic subjects among many of us around the globe. Voluminous individuals around the world believe the ancient Anunnaki are the creators of man and aren’t mythological beings however actually flesh and blood ‘gods’ who came to Earth in him.

Many realize comfort within the ancient alien theory that presupposes that thousands of years ago even before recorded history our planet was visited by astronauts from another world, intelligent beings with technology beyond our own today.

Controversial author Zecharia Sitchin tells us way more concerning the Anunnaki.

Approximately some 250,000 years ago, according to Sitchin, the ancient Anunnaki integrated their Alien genes therewith of Homo erectus and created a species called Homo sapiens, getting as a result, a genetically bicameral species.

For instance, I feel that the Anunnaki were restricted in their abilities, yet were given credit for doing things that were done by different alien species. But, as human beings saw the Anunnaki as gods and goddesses, they naturally transferred credit to the Annunaki, because they were additional tangible, something they might see, create an image of, and so forth. During this article, you may see some comparisons between B’raisheet (Genesis) and the written history of the Anunnaki. 

Although this might not be for everyone (because some individuals merely aren’t interested or inquisitive about any of this stuff), why would it not be important to look at our past during this specific approach, with our connections to extraterrestrials, also like our past lifetimes? We are able to have transparent data of ourselves, settle for ourselves, heal what needs healing, and build what we wish to possess for our future.  

Or, to quote from a preferred TV show (“Kung Fu: The Legend Continues”):

“The seeds of destiny are nurtured by our roots within the past.”

If you wish to grasp what the Anunnaki appeared like, one simple manner is to check the crop circle from 2001 known as the first Chilbolton Face in Hampshire.

Mention the name Anunnaki to some folks and deep among them something stirs; a memory of Earth and Mars – and sometimes there is anger, fear, pain, and confusion concerning the Anunnaki. Folks appear to love accountable them for all of Earth’s issues. Some folks keep in mind being a part of their family, for higher or worse.

 They had sensible sides and add some very awful sides. There have been totally different Anunnaki factions, and there were aliens who gave the impression they were Anunnakis. This article presents some of each. What they did was their responsibility and I’m not on the point of excuse or maybe attempt the impossible, which might be to vindicate their actions.

The Anunnaki are archetypal, symbolic, and mythic, too. So, we may each feel a definite personal identification with one or additional of them, that could be a terribly fascinating phenomenon to research. we can use the mythology of the Anunnaki as the way to grasp and heal ourselves.

We have seen a brother go against brother (the main theme), religions and governments against others, men against women and women against men up into current times.

Written By: Kuber Sharma

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