Brahmastra – Nuclear Weapon of Ancient India

Brahmastra – Nuclear Weapon of Ancient India

Space and time are an abstraction. Time flies. Life moves from the past to the future. What happens now and what will happen in the future is always a result of what happened in the past. In our world, constantly things are being born, things die, and a few things don’t change. Everything in the universe is created, maintained for a certain amount of time and then destroyed in order to be renewed in an ideal form again.

What is the Brahmastra? And what power does it hold? It is a reality or just another legend? This weapon is created by Brahma himself. The term ‘astra’ means arrow or missile. It was charged with all the power of the universe. There was neither a counter attack nor a defense that would stop it.
Ancient scripts have influenced great scientists all over the world. And it’s imperative to go through these ancient texts in order to understand the history behind this iconic weapon.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Rama is by far the most revered God of all. But who is Lord Rama and why do people worship him in this age as well.

Hindu’s believe that Lord Rama ruled India approximately 7000 years ago. It is said that Lord Rama laid the very foundations of happiness, brotherhood and all positive philosophies about life. He also familiarized the humans with engineering skills so advanced they would put today’s engineers to shame. He is looked upon as the epitome of truth and modesty in Hindu culture. As per the Holy books, he is considered to be one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu on mother Earth. The old saga Ramayana tells us how he rose to prominence by defeating and killing the ten-headed king Ravana.

Ravana abducted Rama’s wife Sita and when he went in search of her, an epic battle ensued between them. Both the sides had heavy armed forces. And in this battle lies the mention of a highly advanced weapon. The Brahmastra.

The Brahmashirsha Astra and the Brahmastra—Descriptions of Ancient ...

According to the Puranas, the user when bestowed with the Brahmastra is given a key phrase to invoke the said weapon. Which means there was some type of keycode to activate the Brahmastra. In today’s technology also we use some keywords to open or close programs. Severe environmental damage was just one of the hazards of this kind of weapon. All life in and around the area where this weapon of mass destruction was used ceased to exist. It also left the land drought-ridden, without any hint of rainfall for a long time to come.
To be honest, we don’t know what this Brahmastra actually is, but we have such descriptions of the Brahmastra that makes us believe that it was the nuclear weapon of that time. It is stated that if used at its potential power, it could destroy the whole planet. A rain of arrows that emit shock waves similar to that of a nuclear explosion. A great soaring sound in smoke and flames on which sits death.

There were three variants of Brahmastra

1. Brahmashira Astra — This weapon manifest Brahma’s 5th head at its tip and is capable of destroying the whole world.

2. Brahmanada— This weapon consist of bones of Brahma and is a countermeasure of all astras. Basically to stop or to defend Brahamashira Astra , Brahmananda was created.

3. Pashupatastra — The most irresistible weapon in Mahabharata, only Arjuna and in Ramayana only Indrajit are known to have possessed Pashupatastra. This weapon has to be obtained directly from Lord Shiva.

These three weapons are collectively known as Brahmastra.

The target, when hit by Brahmastra, would be utterly destroyed.

The most deadliest weapon ever known Brahmastra when discharged forms into fierce fire ball resulting in blazing up with terrible flames, countless horrendous thunder flashed ,all creatures including trees,oceans, animals trembled. Sky surrounds with flame ,glacier melts and mountains shattered with copious noise all around.

When striked it will cause complete destruction to the field and every resource of that area further not a single slice of grass will ever grow forget about trees at that area .Along with it there will be no rainfall for 12 years and climate condition will turn worse .Strike of Brahmastra will eventually destroy everything .

It was obtained by worshiping Lord Brahma/Lord Shiva with immense meditation or by a Guru (teacher) who has knowledge about how to invoke Brahmastra.

In order to invoke Brahmastra one key phrase or mantra is required or it should be bestowed with full concentration ,meditation and dedication.

It was used in Ramayana , Puran’s and Mahabharata

  • Brahmashira astra was used by the Ashwathama and Pashupatastra by Arjuna against each other but it was provoked by Narada and Vyasa to save the world.
  • Brahmastra was used by Brahmarshi Vishwamitra against Maharishi Vasistha however it was absored by Vasistha’s Brahmadanda Astra .
  • Indrajit used it against Lord Hanuman but he was saved because of boon from Lord Brahma itself.
  • It was used by Pippalada ( son of Maharishi Dadhichi) against Shani Dev and in order to save his life Shani Dev promised Pippalada that he will never trouble or nag anyone below the age of 12 years .
  • It was unleashed by Lord Rama against Jayanta when he hurted sita by transforming himself into the crow also it was used against Mareecha during final encounter and finally by this divine weapon Lord Rama killed the Emperor of Asuras Ravana .
  • It was also aimed at Varuna Dev to carve a path out of sea such that Rama’ s army could march towards Lanka altough Varuna Dev appeared and assisted Lord Rama but once Brahmastra is loaded it needs to be launched so Lord Rama changed the direction towards Dhrumatulya ( Now in Rajasthan ) .

Brahmastra was the single projectile weapon which was charged with power of every substance of this entire universe.

Brahmastra was capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings. Therefore is one of the most destructive, powerful, irresistible weapons of all the weapons mentioned in the Hindu mythology.

Brahmastra was always considered as the weapon for last avenue state therefore never used in combat warfare .

Clearly one of the most miraculous weapon of all time Brahmastra.

Written By: Devashish

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