Covid’19 Situation in India compared to other European Nations

The reality is yet to come to India. We cannot compare the two countries which are in different stages currently.

India is still at a very early level of stage2 and chances are high that India may face the same situation alike in Europe after a month or so.

Why so?

Four days before, India put over 1.3 billion people in lockdown when the number of cases crossed 500. [1] All the developed countries went to lockdown after the number of cases crossed several thousand (i.e 20K +). But India went one step ahead and took a brave step even though it will affect the day to the life of the second populated country in the world.

Why such an early lockdown?

As per data available with National Health Profile–2019[2] , India has only 0.55 beds per 1000 person which is relatively low compared to China(4.3), Italy(3.2), U.S(2.8).

When it comes to intensive bed care, the below image will clearly explain to you where India is and the country with the most beds are struggling to handle the number of patients.[3]

There is no way that India can handle the situation in a better way after being affected by the virus heavily like other developed nations. Even, developed countries failed to do it. India realized this very early and took this decision of going for a complete lockdown for 21 days in order to implement the social distancing. But, India will fall under the category of Italy and the US where people try to be more chill and not taking things seriously.

Will Lockdown reduce the number of cases and deaths?

Highly Impossible.

This is what happened in Chennai(south of India) after Prime Minister announced the 21 days lockdown. It happened 24 hours before lockdown where the people are taking the buses to go back to their native places. YOu can clearly see that the exact opposite of social distancing is happening.

Another one here in Delhi,

This the fourth day of lockdown.[4]

Even though the government arranged thermal screening, but still it’s very tough to manage such a big crowd of more than 20K people at the same place. If anyone of them had the infection then there are high chances that the number of cases will spread rapidly. These are migrant workers who are in the queue for 100kms to take their buses back to the village.

No one knows, how many people are affected because of this virus. India tests a very less number of people compared to other countries[1] . This may become a huge issue in the near future and led the second or third wave of corona outbreak

Who is the reason?

The Indian Government failed to address the migrant workers in Delhi well before and didn’t prepare any proper infrastructure or transportation facilities which made them o walk 100 km on foot. There is no point for them to stay in the country capital without any jobs and struggling for food.

But, still, I believe there are chances to reduce or control the cases if the government starts checking the people in a huge number like Germany or South Korea. The only way India can control the number of cases is by mobilizing health care and spreading it thicker. Currently, India doesn’t have such a strong healthcare system to handle one of the deadliest viruses in recent history with a huge http://population.So I would say that even though Europe failed to address this pandemic situation seriously, for a country like India 21 days lockdown is not a final solution.

We have to wait and watch for the government’s next steps and where it leading to. Let’s hope that India will handle this pandemic situation more seriously than ever.


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