Did the Vimanas (Vedic aircrafts) of Ancient India really exist?

Vimanas commonly known as Vedic aircraft are well known mythological flying aircraft which are quite famous and are described in the Sanskrit epics, Jain texts, and even Hindu texts. This aircraft is one of the curious topics which is still debated among the people based on its evidence and existence. This aircraft was first described in the epic tale of Mahabharata and was used by the fictional character Ravana.

According to the specialists and experts of Indian Ancient history researchers, these astonishing flying aircraft were huge and visited our planet roughly around 6000 years ago. It is a well-known fact that many aircraft engineers use the technology which is still mentioned in the history books and scripts. It is believed that these aircraft were operated by the gods and other fictional characters. With the aid of the ancient aircrafts Vimana, the early researchers and astronauts toured several countries of our planet earth with efficiency, growing knowledge and resources amongst ancient, barbaric civilizations.The historical Vaimānika Śāstra, an ancient Sanskrit text which belonged to the 20th-century is completely based on the working principle of aerospace technology and also mentions the aerodynamics and principles of physics involved. These Sanskrit texts give strong evidence that these vimanas or flying saucers existed in past. G. R. Josie in 1952 revealed that these Sanskrit texts and scripts include almost over more than 3000 shlokas in 15 chapters which many researchers have claimed that this aircraft was psychically given to the ancient people by the famous ancient Hindu philosopher Bharadvaja. The momentum and thrust of the Vimanas work on the principle and accordance to the Kanjilal (1985) which is based on the concept of “Mercury Vortex Engines”.

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This is very much comparable to electrical propulsion.It is vital to make reference to that two or three years prior, Chinese analysts found old Sanskrit archives in Lhasa, Tibet, going back a great many years. The old writings were sent to the Chandigarh University for interpretation. The outcomes were stunning. As per Dr. Ruth Reyna the deciphered writings, supposedly are ‘outlines’ for the development of interstellar spaceships. As per the interpreted reports, the driving framework intended for the spaceships depended on anti gravitational innovation, and dependent on a framework similar to that of “laghima,” the obscure intensity of the personality that exists in man’s physiological cosmetics, “an outward powerful power sufficiently able to check all gravitational pull and force.”In the event that we approach the historical backdrop of old civic establishments from another point of view, we will experience that old development around the world were, truth be told, incredibly modern and utilized cutting edge innovations a large number of years before standard science ‘rehashed them’. The ancient evidence gives us strong reasons to believe in the aircraft that they were built in India 6000 years ago. The Hindu Vedas are pressed with awesome tales about the divine beings, their forces, and epic fights that probably occurred long prior.

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Written By: Jitesh Gupta

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