Explanation of Nataraja – Destructive Cosmic Dance of Shiva.

Lord Shiva, more commonly known today as the God of destruction. He is one of the three major deity’s in the Hindu mythology. Now, compared to other Gods of his time, he was by far the most laid back. He didn’t care who worshipped him. He was a teacher of the arts, dancer, vocalist, yoga instructor, and he created the universe.

A God with over ten thousand names, he did quite a lot. It does sound like this is a real person, right? No. Even if the part about creating the universe is as serious as it can get. What a lot of people don’t understand is that there are ancient technologies, formulae, equations, many of which are embedded in Hindu mythology and much of particle physics is the result of these findings. It has everything to do with the representation of Shiva.

The Nataraja. The form of Shiva in dance clones. The dance of creation, the dance of destruction. In our world, reality is subjective. So, truth is often stranger than fiction.

This piece does not want to convince you that someone is trying to open portals for the devil. This is to briefly explain what is really going on. Not to talk about them opening portals for demons to come out and all hell breaks loose. Demons do not need a portal. Definitely not a man made electric nuclear tunnel doorway to get through. Demons are here. All here. They don’t need us to make them portals. They don’t need us. They don’t.

The theory is that in order to create a massive amount of new energy or mass, we need to first destroy a small amount of energy that already exists. Now, this destruction, this explosion of just two tiny little particles spews out in a ray of sub atomic particles that just go everywhere. Luckily, we are able to contain these explosions and keep the particles in containment. Wrong. Some of these particles are escaping.

So, this dance of destruction is not a satanic ritual. It is demonic to put money and power before human life. We don’t care about who suffers from this. We only care about our agenda. And if you get caught up in this satanic ritual portal talk, it’s all interesting but is just going to confuse your head.

This dance of destruction or recreation, as some may like to call it, is the destruction of particles to create new particles. The symmetry, the balance, the half male-half female representation of Shiva, the dance as a formula is the ability to create and destroy. Opening portals is easy once you can control and manipulate matter with the touch of a button. But instead of thinking about the demons that might come out of one of these things, maybe we should think about the human demons, that are making it possible. Most of these concepts are created in our minds anyway. We don’t need an ancient God to teach us destruction. We are the masters of it!

Written By: Devashish

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