Facts About Balarama – Brother of Lord Krishna?

1. Balarama is the idolized form of Lord Vishnu in the form of the serpent known as Ananta Shesha.

2. Balarama’s birth is the first ever instance of neonatal transplantation. When Lord Vishnu desired to descend on the earth, he plucked a white hair from his head. Through the divine power of Lord Vishnu, the white hair conceived inside the womb of Devaki. On discerning that Kamsa would destroy the newborn of Devaki, Lord Vishnu instructed Goddess Mahamaya to transfer the foetus. On Lord Vishnu’s instruction, Goddess Mahamaya transferred Devaki’s foetus into Rohini’s womb. Eventually Balarama was born from the womb of Rohini.

3. Balarama was born on the tithi of Raksha Bandhan in the month of Shravana.

4. Balarama killed mighty demons like Dhenuka, Pralamba and Mushtika wrestlers of Kamsa.

5. Balarama defeated Bhima in a wrestling bout. Bhima agreed to become Balarama’s disciple on seeing his unparalleled valour. Balarama taught the various manoeuvres of wrestling to Bhima.

6. Balarama wielded a divine bow called Raudra which he received as a boon from Lord Shiva. He gave the bow to Abhimanyu prior to the commencement of Kurukshetra war.

7. Balarama tied the knot with Revati, the daughter of king Kakudmi. Balarama had two sons with Revati, named Nisatha and Ulmuka. Balarama’s daughter Sashirekha was married to Abhimanyu.

8. There is an interesting story about Balarama’s marriage with Revati. King Kakudmi, the ruler of Kusasthali, arranged a grand swayambara for his daughter Revati. However, much to Kakudmi’s surprise, his daughter refused to select any king as her husband from the swayambara. Kakudmi then went to Satyaloka for seeking advice about daughter’s marriage from Brahma. After a long period of discussion, Brahma suggested Kakudmi to meet with Lord Krishna for solving out the crisis. Eventually on Lord Krishna’s suggestion, Kakudmi wedded off his daughter to Balarama.

9. Balarama fought a terrible battle with Jarasandha in the city of Mathura. They attacked each other releasing showers of arrows. Soon their arrows were exhausted and chariots were destroyed. They seized large maces and started to fight again. After a long-drawn battle, Balarama was finally able to prevail over Jarasandha. Balarama lifted his large plough to kill Jarasansha but was stopped by Lord Krishna. In front of all the residents of Mathura, Lord Krishna convinced him that Jarasandha’s death was written in Bhima’s hands. Balarama discerned his brother’s words and spared the life of Jarasandha.

Balarama by molee on DeviantArt

10. Once Balarama went to the bank of Yamuna for taking a bath in the river. On seeing him, Yamuna dried up her waters. This surprised Balarama, who requested the river to fill up her waters. Intoxicated by pride, Yamuna paid no heed to his words. Extremely enraged, Balarama lifted his plough and fixed the tip for tilling on the bank of the river. Dragging Yamuna with plough, he started to whirl the river with his full might. With fumes of anger covering his body, Balarama desired to throw the river out of the universe. Distressed with fear, Yamuna immediately showed herself to him. Yamuna filled up her waters and begged for forgiveness. Balarama pardoned her and took bath in the river.

11. When Lord Krishna was unable to trace the location of Syamantaka gem stolen from Satyabhama, Balarama was angered and left the city of Dwarka. Vowing not to return again, he started to live in the city of Mithila. Duryodhana approached him in Mithila to learn the art of mace fighting. Balarama taught Duryodhana various manoeuvres of mace and the complete art of mace fight. Later Lord Krishna was able to discern that Syamantaka gem was with Akrura. After returning Syamantaka gem to Satyabhama, Lord Krishna requested his brother to return from Mithila. Owing to Lord Krishna’s wish, Balarama happily returned to Dwarka.

12. Duryodhana’s daughter Lakshmana was in love with Lord Krishna’s son Samba. However, Duryodhana disapproved Lakshmana’s love and imprisoned Samba. On discerning Duryodhana’s conduct, Balarama angrily marched to Hastinapura to free his nephew Samba. He politely requested Duryodhana to release Samba. However Duryodhana paid no heed to his words. Without giving Duryodhana any furthur warning, he fixed his plough on the soil of Hastinapura. With the desire to chastise Duryodhana like Yamuna, Balarama started to drag the city towards river Ganga. When the foundation of Hastinapura started to whirl around in the wind, Duryodhana fell at Balarama’s feet. Releasing Samba from the prison, Duryodhana started to ask for forgiveness. Balarama pardoned Duryodhana and returned to Dwarka along with Samba.

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