Facts About Kumbhkaran?

  1. Kumbhakarna was born to sage Vishrava and his wife Kaikesi.
  2. Kumbhakarna ate up thousands of celestial creatures when he was born in Vishrava’s hermitage.
  3. He devoured seven apsaras and ten of Indra’s followers in the celestial garden known as Nandana.
  4. He fought with Indra who was stationed on the back of elephant Airavata. Indra wielded the thunderbolt and struck him on the head. He used full might and uprooted one of Airavata’s tusks. He struck Indra on the chest with powerful fists. Indra was frightened of his prowess and left the battle in a hurry.
  5. He performed a penance for ten thousand years to satisfy Brahma.
  6. He desired the boon of invincibility from Brahma. However Goddess Saraswati controlled his speech which made him to wish for the boon of sleep for many years.
  7. Kumbhakarna was married to Vajrajvala the granddaughter of demon king Virochana.
  8. Kumbhakarna’s grand residence was one yojana wide and constructed by the divine architect Vishwakarma.
  9. The first time Kumbhakarna arose from his sleep was on the occasion of the battle between Ravana and the gods.
  10. Kumbhakarna defeated the god of death Yama in a mace fight.
  11. Kumbhakarna was the first among the demons of Lanka who first realised Lord Rama to be an incarnation of Narayana.
  12. Kumbhakarna’s weapon was a gigantic spear which resembled Indra’s thunderbolt.
  13. He was powerful enough to render Hanuman unconscious in a spear fight.
  14. He killed fifteen hundred apes of Sugriva’s army in the war against Lord Rama.
  15. Kumbhakarna seized Sugriva in a battle but the ape was able to free himself and return to Lord Rama.
  16. Kumbhakarna was killed by Indra’s weapon Aindrastra which was fired by Lord Rama.
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