How smart or foolish is Pakistan PM Imran Khan?

Pakistan PM Imran Khan is foolish, unintelligent and disrespectful. He doesn’t possess any leadership qualities. Here are some examples:

#1 Imran Khan doesn’t know History or Geography.

To the left, in the green circle, is Germany. To the right, in the red circle, is Japan. Both of these countries are around 5600 miles apart.

But, Imran Khan’s intelligence says that Japan and Germany share a border. On his visit to Tehran, he said,[1]

“Trade strengthens ties…the more trade you have with each other your ties automatically gets stronger. Germany and Japan killed millions of their civilians until after the second world war they decided that they would have on the border — on the border region of Germany and Japan, they had joint industries. So now there is no question of them ever having bad relations because their economic interests are tied together.”

Pakistan People’s Party President Bilawal Bhutto Zardari reacted to Khan’s comment by saying,

“How shameful it is, this is what happens when Oxford University allows people just because they can play cricket”

Indian business tycoon Anand Mahindra trolled Imran Khan by tweeting,

“Thank God, for making sure this gentleman was not my history or geography teacher”

#2 Imran Khan brought Pakistan down to an always-begging position in just one year. In an attempt to trouble India, he did even more damage to his own country.

Pakistan is on the verge of economic collapse in just one year. Imran Khan raised central government debt to Rs 7.6 trillion, increasing public debt to 82.5%. This one-year debt is 66% of the 5-year debt of the Nawaz Sharif government (2013-18). Total debt is more than Pakistan’s GDP (104%). The reason for all this is the constant begging from other countries and a steady decline in the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar.[2]

The Pakistani rupee has depreciated by almost 29% since Khan became PM.

After the Balakot attack, he announced that Pakistan would cut all trade relations with India. As a result, their trade deficit with India has increased from $91.3 million (July FY 2019) to $114.9 million (July FY 2020).

Foreign direct investment fell from $ 3.47 billion (the last financial year of the Nawaz Sharif government) to $ 1.66 billion (the first financial year of Imran Khan) – a decline of 52%!

#3 Imran Khan asked Pakistanis to stand for Kashmir… literally!

Imran Khan gave this message to Pakistanis,[3]

“… Kashmiris are under curfew right now. Let us tell the community that we are standing with them. I want that every week, we do an event where all [Pakistanis] will come out. Our schools, universities, offices People… all have to take half to one hour every week… This Friday, stand outside from 12 to 12.30 wherever you are, to tell the Kashmiris that we are with them… the Kashmiris are looking forward to us…”

#4 Imran Khan credited Rabindranath Tagore’s quote to Khaleel Gibran.[4]

People caught the error quickly.

#5 While all other leaders stood at the SCO summit in Bishkek, Imran Khan breached the protocol and remained seated.[5]

Imran Khan stood upon hearing his name and sat down while the head of states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization arrived for the opening ceremony and all the other leaders stood in respect.


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Written By: Rupinder Singh

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