How Strong was Sugriva?

Sugreeva was one of the foremost ape warriors in Lord Rama’s army.

[1] Sugreeva was captured alive by Kumbhakarna in a battle. However he was able to timely escape from Kumbhakarna’s clutches by tearing apart the demon’s nose, teeth and ribs with his sharp claws. Kumbhakarna howled in pain threw down Sugreeva onto the ground. The ape ran swiftly through the wind and soon reached Lord Rama.

The great souled Sugreeva, who was interposed between Kumbhakarna’s shoulders, regaining his consciousness with great difficulty and observing the royal highway of the city, repeatedly thought (as follows): “Having been captivated in this way, what should I do now? I have to do a proper act now which is desirable and beneficial to the monkeys. Thus thinking, Sugreeva tore asunder Kumbhakarna’s ears by his nails as also nose by his teeth and ribs by his feet. Torn asunder with teeth and nails by Sugreeva, that Kumbhakarna with his ears and nose deprived and his limbs moistened with blood, was subdued with rage, threw Sugreeva down on the floor and crushed him. Crushed down on the floor by that terrific Kumbhakarna and struck by the demons, Sugreeva moved with speed like a ball towards the sky and got united with Rama.

[2] Sugreeva killed Kumbha (Kumbhakarna’s son) in a fierce battle with a heavy blow of his fists.

The valiant Sugreeva forcefully descended his fist, which shone like the solar disc encircled by a thousand rays, on the breast of Kumbha. That Kumbha, very much hurt by that blow, was exhausted and then fell down, like fire whose flame has extinguished. Thus struck with Sugreeva’s fist, that demon fell down suddenly, as the planet Mars, of splendid rays, would drop down from the sky accidentally. When Kumbha was killed in battle by Sugreeva the chief of monkeys, possessing a terrific prowess, the earth with its mountains and forests trembled. Too much fear seized the demons.

Sugreeva killed two powerful demons named Virupaksha and Mahodara who were the counsellor of Ravana.

  • He killed Virupaksha by bringing down a heavy blow upon the demon’s temple bone.[3]
  • He killed Mahodara by severing the demon’s head with a large sword.[4]

Sugreeva was one of the most important fighters in Lord Rama’s army.

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