Indian PM Narendra Modi Relation with other Global Leaders

There are two reasons of popularity of Modi Ji among global leader.

  1. His oratory skills and art of winning heart.
  2. Global of India. India has emerged as a big military and economic power. Even though there is a slow down in Indian economy but this is not only for India, world economy is also getting towards slow down. India is fourth most powerful country in the world even more powerful than France, UK, Germany, Japan etc.

“Everyone salutes the rising Sun”

Now it comes why Modi Ji is popular in India?

I don’t know about others views but I think that biggest reason of his popularity is nationalism.

Why are French, Russian and Israeli leaders very close to Modi Ji?


  1. France was historically close to India. When India tested it’s nuclear weapons in 1974, France was one of the three countries who didn’t condemn it.
  2. France is interested in investments in India. Jaitpur nuclear power plant will be established by India and France. It will be largest nuclear power plant in the world with capacity of 9,900 MW.
  3. India is a big buyer of French military equipments. Rafale , Jaguar fighters are shining examples of this.

4. France has also supported India on Kashmir issue. How great coincidence is that today Indian PM Narendra Modi Ji is in France and got a chance to write about Indo-French cooperation.

5. China is continuously opposing India’s entry in NSG. To bypass this India has signed separate nuclear deals with France, USA and Russia.


  1. India and Russia has been very close friends since 1947. So it is obvious that Russian president will love to welcome Indian PM. Infact one out of three countries not condemning India’s nuclear test in 1974 was Russia/USSR.
  2. 60% of Indian defence imports are from Russia.
  3. Russian economy is very much based on natural gas snd defence equipments export. India is developing country and has high need of crude oil and natural gas. Similarly India was largest importer of defence equipments till last year (now second after Saudi Arabia).
  4. Indian PM is bold to take decisions without caring of US sanctions , he confirmed S-400 missile defence system deal with Russia.

5. Indian PM Narendra Modi and Russian president Vladimir Putin have a personally very good friendship.

Israel: What to say about this country man. I am really a big fan of Israel. A country who is very small and surrounded by enemies but still standing strong. Let’s discuss why Israeli leaders love to meet Modi Ji:

  1. India and Israel have historical relations. In 1918 during WW1 British Indian soldiers freed Haifa city of Israel from Ottoman empire. In 1974 when India tested it’s nuclear weapons, Israel was third country which didn’t condemn it. Even Israel has supported India during wars of 1962, 1965, 1971 and 1999. And offered Israeli commandoes for operation during 26/11 terrorists attacks in Mumbai.
  2. Indian and Israel both have similar situation, both are having some hostile neighborhood and had wars with them too. So both the countries became close. Israeli people are nationalist in nature and PM Modi is also a Nationalist leader. So it is obvious that Israeli PM will love to meet Modi Ji.
  3. Israel and India both are facing problems of terrorist attacks. Both are against terrorism. Indian policy of zero tolerance against terrorism was introduced by Modi Ji. Because of ideological similarities Israeli PM and Indian PM are close.
  4. India is big defence buys of Israeli weapons. 12% of Indian armed imports are from Israel.

4. Modi Ji was first indian prime minister to visit Israel.

5. Personal friendship of Israeli PM Benjamin Netnyahu and Indian PM Narendra Modi.

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