Is the Indian god Shiva really an alien?

Aurangabad, India – 200 miles northeast of Mumbai stands a monolithic temple complex known as the Ellora caves. Caves 16 known as Kailasha Temple is a massive shrine to Lord Shiva Shiva. He’s a member of the Hindu trinity of major gods. One of his functions is of destruction and the other one is creation. At three stories high. It stands twice as tall as the Parthenon in Athens. And archaeologists believe it was chiseled out of the hillside. Starting at the top and ending at the bottom.

Some historians estimate that construction of the temple required the removal of over 400000 tons of rock. But even more incredible is that mainstream archaeologists propose that this feat was accomplished in just 18 years. If people worked every day for that 18 years for twelve hours straight with no breaks then they would have to have removed. Five tons of rock every hour. This is ten thousand pounds of rock every hour. In reality such a feat is not even possible today with modern technology.If it happened in 18 years it is very hard to account for the volume of material that was there. As an engineer it’s a belief that the temple would not have taken just 18 years. It would have taken more close to a century. It is very very hard to believe even now how this was accomplished.

Another baffling fact is that if they removed four hundred thousand tons of rocks they have to be thrown away in some where. But we did not find any evidence of rocks being piled up nearby. It hasn’t been used to build any other temples or any other structure. Where did all that drag go. Could humans living over 1000 years ago really have constructed Kailash a temple in only 18 years. And if so. How is it.That all the rock that was excavated has simply disappeared. Perhaps further clues can be found by examining a powerful device described in the ancient Vedic texts. Interestingly there is a device mentioned in the ancient Vedic texts.

This machine would be able to quickly draw into the Rock. Basically, This could basically change the rock into air. Is it possible that the machine described in the Vedic texts was really a technological device that existed on earth thousands of years ago.Ancient astronaut theorists say yes but suggest it was used not to build Kailasha Temple from the top down as mainstream scholars propose but carved out this structure from the bottom up. One of the more mysterious aspects of the site of Ellora are the tunnels that seem to go nowhere at the site. These tunnels leading underground and the local authorities have fenced it off. But if you look through these holes you can see that these tunnel goes vertically down.

Local authorities believe that tunnels like these lead to a vast underground city under The Kailasha Temple. But why would vast rooms and tunnels exist deep underground beneath the temple?. Ancient astronaut theories suggest this could be further evidence that Lord Shiva has a connection with the great flood. We have the Great Deluge that change and forced people underground so you have to wonder.

Is this some kind of ancient city many thousands of years old that was once some kind of extraterrestrial base. And as the water receded they create this temple from underground. Could it be that hidden beneath the Kailasha temple is an underground alien city? And if so. Would this prove that being Hindus call Shiva. Was really an extraterrestrial visitor who gave technology to an earlier race of humans. 

Written By: Ashish Singh

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  1. I came to read due to the headline. The story/article reads more to do with the foundation of the temple than of Lord Shiva.

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