Pakistan has been blacklisted by FATF’s Asia Pacific group

Congratulations to all.

Finally Pakistan got punishment of supporting terrorism. Pakistan has been blacklisted by FATF’s Asia Pacific group for terror funding and money laundering.

How Pakistan failed to defend itself?

In last FATF’s meeting Pakistan was saved from blacklist by China, Turkey and Malaysia. They requested FATF to give one more chance to Pakistan. At that time FATF did not put Pakistan in blacklist. Now according to news Pakistan failed to match 32 measures against money laundering out of 40 and 10 measures out of 11 related to terror funding. These are reasons why APG of FATF has blocked Pakistan. Before that Pakistan was in Gray list of FATF under watch.

Effects on Pakistani economy?

Before giving my view on this I want to share a statement by Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi- “Pakistan risks of losing $10 billion per year because of FATF’s Gray list. Now assume, how much destructive is blacklist. Since Pakistan is blacklisted. Pakistan will not get loan from IMF , World Bank, Asian Development Bank or any multilateral Bank once it’s international FATF blacklist it in october . Investments in Pakistan will be very less. And Pakistani economy will surely crumble.

Effect on global image of Pakistan?

I laughed after reading this part. There is no chance of defame of Pakistan’s global image. If you put black ink on coal you won’t see any chang in colour. Already Pakistan is almost isolated what more isolation will they face. China and turkey and Malaysia were supporting Pakistan but it looks like they are also under pressure and may not help Pakistan.

How can one make better image of Pakistan than pics following:







After these incidents I don’t think that Pakistan can make better image than this.

So I don’t think that Pakistan need to be concerned about its global image. Because if they were serious in making their image, why didn’t they focus on development instead of Kashmir. Even though before 48 years Pakistan lost a big part of land (Bangladesh) for kashmir and still sticked with Kashmir.

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Jai Hind-Jai Bharat.

Written By: Rj Singh

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