Paranormal Beach – Dumas Beach in India

The Dumas Beach in Gujarat, India has a massive reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the country. It is a pretty bustling tourist destination, by day at least. There are people on their camels, on their horses, some just walk and have a good time, but apparently at night everyone vacates because they are scared of the ghosts.

The black sand on the beach has to do a lot with why it is believed that this beach is so haunted. Supposedly they say that this used to be a burial ground. They used to bury the dead on this beach. And the reason why the sand appears black is, they say, actually ashes from cremated bodies being mixed with the sand that has turned it black. And then some spirits that might have some leftover energy and they are the ones told to still roam the beach particularly at night. Standing on the beach, one would never know if you were standing on dead people’s ashes or if it’s just a local legend or anything. The thought is certainly very creepy and disturbing. But that’s why they say that the sand is black there.

This is a very well-known place in India for being haunted. It has quite the reputation. One of the cool things about it which is very creepy to know is that a lot of people who have been there at the beach at night have gone missing. And many people believe that this could be the ghost’s taking them. So, this is supposedly a very ill ground. And people say that late at night they see apparitions walking down the beach. There’s also been strange light anomalies and what people believe as spirit orbs captured in photographs there. But what is really creepy is the reports of disembodied voices coming from there. So voices, screams and strange laughter.

It is completely forbidden to be on this beach after dark. They say it’s haunted and the ghosts are dangerous. One can only imagine what it would be like to walk on this beach at night and feel a hand pulling your feet into the ground. There are people who make fun of these things, and then there are certain sections who have experienced strange events at the beach and are now terrified at the mention of the word ‘beach’. People say that the beach is tainted by strange sounds and whispering voices at night.

There have been rumors that people who did not receive ‘Moksha’ or ‘salvation’ while dying, have their spirits wandering on this beach. There have been lots of claims of people hearing cries and whimpering post sunset on the beach. There have also been claims from visitors that they never felt anything supernatural about the place at all. Over time, there have been a lot of superstitions spread about this place by the general public. Even if one doesn’t want to, one would be scared. Such is the Dumas beach!

Written By: Devashish

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