Primitive Humans have misunderstood extra-terrestrials as being divine?

20th July, 1969 Humans made their first step towards space exploration, when we set our foot on the moon. New possibilities exploded and it was one giant leap for mankind, as said by Neil Armstrong himself. We were Aliens for the moon and considering the fact seemed sci-fi.  All such imaginations seemed legitimate and realistic; if beings from one planet can travel to other places in the universe, so our Earth cannot be an exception for the fact. Modern myths of UFO sightings came up and new theories emerged that Aliens visited us religiously to whom we have given a name called “GOD”. But any such theory requires a proof to be considered true but perhaps we had not looked around us with open eyes and an imagination because we had everything around us.

Modern astronomy has entered an age, where the cosmos is conceive is many different possibilities. Perhaps, they have been visiting us and guided the primitive humans to the enormous civilization growth we have witness. In 2002, when Space Exploration Missions to Mars discovered the Ice Caps and existence of water on Mars. It had ignited the space programs in various countries and began an urge of sending human to Mars and maybe beyond to other planets.  A year before the first lunar mission one of the most famous book “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich Von Daniken was published which triggered scientists and even religious minds into thinking that mankind and aliens have crossed paths in remote past.  He has mentioned that every religion or civilization in the world have mentioned about GODS descending from the skies and helping primitive humans in development. We have pictorial, architectural and even proves in written literature about such incidents and existence of after beings which cannot be overlooked or denied.   This began an urge in human society to look for answers for questions they had no answer or explanation for.

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Believing in lost civilizations and technologies will take decades or even centuries for modern humans to realize and accept because the proofs are so ambiguous. Modern scientists have not even welcomed such ideas and the most solid evidence has been debunked and stated as coincidences. Famously said by Giorgio Tsoukalos – Publisher of Times Magazine “GOD that I believe in doesn’t need a vehicle to move around from Point A to Point B. As mentioned in old testaments about the ‘Vimana” or the God’s Chariot in Sanskrit Literature, maybe the primitive humans have misunderstood flesh and blood extra-terrestrials as being divine and supernatural beings. 

We can’t suppose that beings living 4000 years back could differentiate between supernatural or hi-tech.

Written By: Ashish Singh

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