Rafale Deal Controversy

Rafale Aircraft Specification:

Rafale is 4.5th generation fighter aircraft.

It is one of best aircraft in BVR ( beyond visual range) & Dogfight (close and medium range) range both.

Better than F-16 & J 10 (what Pakistan and China have). Will not claim about J 20 ( it will a claim only, from any side).

But when it comes to maintenance, Rafale is a state-of-art aircraft and maintenance is the area where in Indian in-service equipment are lagging behind.

For reliability and maintainability: Rafale is a undisputed winner.

  • Aircraft turn-around, even with live weapons on board, requires only 90 minutes and an engine change requires one hour.
  • Maintenance requirements of the Rafale are about 25% lower than for the Mirage 2000,
  • There is no scheduled or preventive maintenance in Rafale; maintenance depends only on the type of mission flown, and on the condition of components.


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Rafale deal is the most transparent defense deal in the history of India, and most corrupt in the eyes of Rahul Gandhi and other politicians, who want Modi out of power, by hook or crook.

In reality, the deal is a stellar example of transparency, farsightedness, national interest, and integrity.

  1. In 2007, defense acquisition council, under the chairmanship of AK Antony, the then defense minister, approved the proposal for the acquisition of 126 fighter jets for IAF.
  2. Tenders were issued for the procurement of same, and Dassaut, the manufacturers of Rafale, win the tender, after 5 years of negotiation. (shows the seriousness of UPA government in dealing with an issue of national importance).
  3. According to the unconcluded congress deal, 18 fighter jets were to be procured in a ready condition(i.e imported), while remaining 108 jets were to be made in HAL(Hindustan Aeronautics Limited),with the help and support of France.
  4. This deal was done at the cost of 79,200 crore rupees (according to figures published by congress party, the exact source of which they themselves do not have). Now, the cost of assembling the rest of 108 jets in India, the cost of training the people for usage of this aircraft, the cost of modifying the aircraft to suit Indian conditions, are not included in this 79,200 crores. The actual cost may cross 120,000 crores.
  5. Later, the congress government, in order to do some handsome corruption, scaled down the demand from 126 jets to 36 jets.(So that, they can pay less amount to Dassault, and get some money under their pillow). And the excuse they gave was, that they wanted to speed up the procurement process. If they were that desperate to speed up the process, then why did they take 5 years to finalize the deal??
  6. The new government comes in, and realizes the deal is full of dubious clauses, and has full scope of corruption. BJP government cancels the deal, and prepares a new deal.
  7. The new deal, is signed for the procurement of 36 jets, at a cost of 58,000 crores. (as compared to 79,000 crores)
  8. it included everything, right from the cost of training, to the cost of maintenance, to the cost of modifications as per Indian requirements. The deal was a one stop shop, which got India everything, unlike the congress deal, where there was a lot of ambiguity, and scope for corruption.
  9. Now, the congress is trying to fool the people by saying that there is a scam, as it had a deal of procurement of 126 jets , at a cost of 79,200 cr rupees. But congress is not telling the nation, that it itself scaled down the demand from 126 to 36.
  10. Also, the congress will never tell the nation, that the cost of 79,200 crores was only the procurement cost, and had the deal been finalized, it would have costed much much more than what congress is advertising.
  11. Also, the congress is demanding the government to provide a breakdown of 58,000 crores, as to how much money is spent where. This is a defense deal Rahul Gandhi. Do you want the entire world know what technologies India actually procured from Dassault, so that the enemies of India get well prepared in case of a war???

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