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Emory University, Atlanta Georgia, December 2012.

After years of work mathematician Ken Ohno and two of his former students come up with a groundbreaking mathematical formula that will allow scientists to study black holes in an entirely new way. Incredibly!! They achieved this feat by studying a single paragraph written by an Indian mathematician over nine decades earlier Srinivasan Ramanujan.

Srinivasan Ramanujan was an Indian mathematician who is unlike any other genius in world history. Ramanujan’s work has now formed the basis for super string theory and multi-dimensional physics some of the most advanced math that all the high end scientists are still using today. It’s called modular functions which could lead to time travel, anti-gravity and limitless free energy. All of this futuristic technology, he was able to take a little that he knew farther than most mathematicians would be able to take them. He had the vision to see what was important. There are just so many beautiful ideas that he had some of which are just waiting to be developed.

Ramanujan made breakthroughs in integral calculus which can be used to determine the drag force buffeting a wing as it slides through the air or the gravitational effects of the earth on a man-made satellite. But perhaps what is most noteworthy is that Ramanujan insisted these baffling theorems were not simply the product of his own genius. He claimed they were communicated to him by an other worldly being.

Ramanujan was born in a roadie India on December 22nd, 1887 and was considered a miracle child because he was the only one of his mother’s four children to survive infancy. Even as a young boy, he was obsessed with numbers from a very early age just instinctively, he was thinking about numbers, he was calculating, he was fascinated by numbers, numbers he said had personalities for him. He was so focused on mathematics that he would ignore a lot of his other subjects.

Ramanujan grew up in the town of Kumbakonam in a house within view of the impressive Sarangapani Swamy Temple. The mathematical prodigy spent much of his childhood at the temple among thousands of carvings of Hindu gods. According to Ramanujan’s childhood friend he would often go to the temple and work on mathematics. Friend had a memory of coming into the temple and finding Ramanujan with all these inexplicable figures surrounding him. The figures that surrounded Ramanujan were in fact complex mathematical equations that he had written in chalk on the stone slabs of the temple floor.

He always insisted and he was very adamant about this that the mathematical discoveries he made came to him in dreams and visions provided by the goddess Namagiri Thayar . In these visions he would see these fantastic beautiful mathematical formula on scrolling before him. Numerous times throughout Ramanujan youth. He would abruptly vanish for days at a time then return home without explanation. His neighbors considered him to be psychic. And he suggested that numbers connect us to higher powers in the universe. Could it be that Ramanujan really was receiving information from an other worldly being?

Written By: Ashish Singh

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