Sanjay Gandhi’s “Assassination”–Did His Own Mother Orchestrate It?

Sanjay Gandhi was the younger son of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi was older one. Sanjay was an Indian politician and we know it very well, that how politics works. The people from the world of Politics are never safe, there is always someone who wants to kill them. It can be someone close or someone who they might have never seen in their lifetime because the politics need the steps that always trouble someone or the other. Either it creates a problem for opposition party or at times, common people suffer, especially poor ones and usually, poor people don’t have much to lose but when they lose the only thing that was important to them, then, we don’t know what they might do. Similarly, Sanjay Gandhi was the target of assassins and they attempted to kill him thrice before his death.

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Once, Sanjay Gandhi was heading to visit Uttar Pradesh and someone tried to use high powered rifle. Another time, He was shot three times on August 30 but he was not critically injured and thus escaped. It was rumour at that time that Sanjay Gandhi might have slapped his mother in public. And thus, the rumour continued that there was some hot drama going on in the Prime Minister’s house between Sanjay’s mother and his wife. The theory was that his mother might have wanted him gone due to his recklessness regarding his behaviour and in the political matters. He was in a habit of taking reckless political actions without discussing with his mother. His death took place exactly after the Congress came into power. Sanjay was believed to be very impatient regarding the position of his mother, he wanted to take her place as soon as it was possible. But, no matter what, these are just rumours and conspiracy theory. As there were no evidence that would prove her guilty and she was declared ‘not guilty’ by the law.

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Sanjay Gandhi was in the limelight as a villain for his bulldozer act. His bulldozer act attracted wrath of many innocent people and political people like poor people living in tents, shopkeepers, opposition politicians, Bureaucrats etc. When these many people don’t like you or worse, they hate you. You can imagine the chances of getting attacked anytime of the day. Moreover, the plane he took for aerobatics to prove his awesomeness and manliness was not designed for aerobatic stunts and thus, it ended up crashing when it was used for something it was not capable of. So, the reason for his death could be just his recklessness and stupidity to impress people with his stunt or it could be the planning of someone from political world. We can’t say for sure what exactly happened behind the curtains, we can either believe what was the final conclusion of the law, that it was an accident because the place was not designed to do acrobats and thus crashed or we can believe what our mind makes sense after summing up the whole sense around Sanjay’s life.

Written By:  Nida Saqib

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