Shakuni – the Mastermind behind Mahabharat

Shakuni – the Mastermind behind Mahabharat

  • His biggest enemy was Bhishma Pitamah – Shakuni was angry because Bhishma was made his sister Gandhari marry a blind Dhritarashtra. He was not against the Pandavas. His only objective was to ruin the entire family clan of Bhisma Pitamah.
  • But Bhishma was no normal person for even Lord Parashuram couldn’t defeat him in the duel. One thing that Shakuni knew was that his intellecthad the power to defeat anybody, even the mightiest Bhishma. Shakuni was the living proof who showed that words are stronger than the swords.
  • He had all the opportunities of returning to his own Gandhara kingdom with his son, Uluka, right before the Pandavas returned from their Agyatavas. But he chose to stay back and wait until the all of Bhisma Pitamahas family lay devastated.
  • Shakuni is regarded as the flag bearer of the Dwapar Yuga – Dwapar Yuga refers to the age when a brother would turn against brothers. If the Kurukshetra was the result of antagonism between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, Shakuniwas undoubtedly the catalyst!
  • Trick of Sorcery – Shakuni is perhaps best known for masterminding the infamous “Game of Dice” between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. It is said that the dice of Shakuni always listened to him and they were made from the thigh bones of his father after his death (Some argue it was of ivory). A master of sorcery, Shakuni had his blessed dice which would always follow his will.
  • Shakuni’s Revenge –
  1. Advising an adolescent Duryodhana to mix poison into Bhima’s food.
  2. Hiring Purochan to kill the Pandavas in the Palace of wax.
  3. Defeating the Pandavas in the Game of Dice
  4. Secretly wanting the great sage Durvasa to curse the Pandavas in anger, he asked the sage to visit the Pandavas in the forest knowing that the Pandavas would then have nothing to feed him.
  5. Getting the Shalya’s army on their side before the war.
  6. During the Kurukshetra war he abetted in the killing of Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu by cheating and breaking the war protocol.
  • During the war, he managed to outsmart Pandavas each time and managed to slip away, in order to avoid being slain by them. He survived till the very last day of the war. He had seen the mighty Bhishma falling on his Sharshaiya (bed of arrows) and then breathing his last.
  • On ultimate day i.e 18th day of the war Sahadev confronted Shakuni of his sins.
  • Once Shakuni had finished saying all that he had to, he started attacking Sahadeva with arrows. He knew he had to die and so, was spurring on the latter to kill him. After a brief fight, Sahadeva cut off his head. That marked the end of evil the slaying of Shakuni.

Hence , Shakuni is one of the most powerful negative character . Where his fuel to that negative character was his unstoppable addiction to REVENGE !

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