The Story Behind Karva Chauth

‘Karva Chauth’- is the important festival of Hindus, where wives fast a day and pray for their husbands long life. This custom is named as ‘Karva-Chauth’. Karwa Chauth, – ‘Karwa’ means an earthen pot or Straw with a spout and ‘Chauth’ means fourth day of Kartik Maas in Krishna Paksha as per Hindu calendar.

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This festival is celebrated with great zeal and vigor in the entire country. It is Celebrated on the fourth day of ‘Karthik Maas’ as per Hindu calendar. It is celebrated just nine days prior to Dipawali festival. Karwa Chauth is a festival where Indian woman actually signifies the strong-will, who is on fast for entire day for the long-life of her husband. This festival reinforces the love between married couples.

Starting Day of Karva Chauth- Married women begin their fast from sunrise and stays without consuming food and water until moon rise. They wives start fasting after having eating ‘Sargahi’ a pre-dawn meal earlier the beginning of fasting.

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So, thus, Karwa Chauth puja is done on the same day of beginning of night, where every woman adore puja with the group of women or it is done by a ‘pujarin’ or elderly women. Finally fasting ends, after having watched the moon in the sky at night about 7–9 PM. So, this festival is marks the day of married couplesThis is the day, when woman strive for self realization and work towards the attachment of Devi or Devta with pure heart.

Hinduism is a great & deep rooted Unique Scientifically Proven Culture- It has no option or alternate. Fasting during the day helps woman in establishing self-control and focus. It is considered to be the perfect way of self-restraint and realization also. Fasting cures the disease of the body and it pures the digest system also. Fasting defines a sense of dedicated worship to concerned God goddess. It also corrects you at the every aspect of life and it makes self-discipline and dedication towards the husband also. It is a kind of training given to the body and mind to withstand all hardships and make you strong enough to persist under extreme difficulties. Fasting for a limited duration (~12 hours) has scientifically proven to have positive results on both adult men and women.

So, every healthy woman and man should go on fast for one day every month. It cures our body, mind and enhances the positive will also in the mind.

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