Students from Tamil Nadu hates Mr.Modi

The hate against Mr. Narendra Modi is more down in Tamil Nadu than anywhere else in the world. So I think I know why people , especially students, hates Mr. Modi in Tamil Nadu.

Every politician ever had the good side and the bad side. SO DOES MR. MODI.

But only the bad side of Mr. Modi is projected down in Tamil Nadu. That is one of the major reasons why students hate Modiji here.

Also the powerful party here is DMK which is in support of Congress and with Tamil Nadu being the one place BJP hadn’t made their debut yet, both the Congress and DMK would like to keep it that way.

Students are easily deluded by SOCIAL MEDIAS.

Let me tell you some points that are barely assumed by students here without even knowing the actual facts , just because mass media and social media portray it that way.

  1. Automobile sector is facing a recession and you know who is the reason for all this? Modiji.
  2. Modiji is just simply going on trips to foreign countries at his reign and this is being mocked in Social media. Guys you have any idea what are the deals being signed in those trips? Do you know Israel and India is having a great relationship under the reign of Modiji?
  3. Petrol prices are hiking and has a high tax only in India and the reason is Modiji. Do you know how the petrol prices are fixed in the world? And did you buy petrol for Rs.30 at Congress reign?

These are somethings that students assume without knowing the facts. They just see memes and believe it to be true.

Now you know what will happen? They are going to name me Bhakt. (Yeah go on guys. Do your best and degrade my family in the comments.)

This is the harsh reality. Politicians down here knows how to perfectly use the social media and channel hatred towards BJP.

Students in Tamil Nadu don’t hate Mr. Modi for his actions. They just hate him to look cool. Saying ‘I hate BJP’ in social media is a form of being cool in Tamil Nadu.

BJP leader Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan had also been mocked a lot of times based on her looks. A sick way to judge someone. But yet its done here and people applaud to it.

Yes there are some mistakes that BJP did and yes there are some problems in the nation to be addressed. Nothing can be changed within a day. You cannot get everything instantly.

After all how can you expect a party that is ruling for just 6 years to solve all the problems when a party was ruling for 49 years couldn’t solve them.

Call me whatever you want, but as of now there is only one capable leader to lead India and that is Mr. Narendra Modi.

No Mr. Rahul Gandhi cannot lead India as efficient as Mr. Modi.

P.S: If you know your facts and still hate Mr. Modi for that, you have my respects. No offense intended. You have your freedom of choice.

Written By: Srinivas Nambi (ஸ்ரீநிவாஸ் நம்பி)

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