The Lost Continent Of Lemuria (Kumari Kandam)

Lemuria was a theoretical mainland that was probably going to join Southern India with Madagascar. This idea was regularly used in the antiquated biogeographical writing to translate the association of the Malagasy and S. Indian aggregation. (Particularly the cozy relationship of Lemurs and Loris). Such a landmass never existed however for two or three 50 million years inside the Cretaceous existed an autonomous India-Madagascar mainland isolated reserved from the rest of the Gondwanaland parts.

It is certain that a portion of the terrains was overflowed following the tip of the last icy most (particularly with the finish of the last glaciation (Weichselian; 24,500 BCE) and that we will accept that people lived in these zones.

Be that as it may, those occasions appeared between 14 600 years and 7 600 years prior. Underneath our momentum information, the way of life influenced by the essential two meltwater beats were Paleolithic or Mesolithic (some at the time beat Mesolithic to Neolithic) and just the last heartbeat may have influenced early horticultural societies that were superregional composed. preferring that to the Sangam’s an Indian text that were composed from the fourth century B.C. to third century AD resembles guaranteeing the arrive on the western edge of Europe lost after the cold (which without a doubt was settled by people) is straightforwardly connected with Lyonesse or Avalon of Legend. 

The Kumari Kandam advocates laid incredible accentuation on expressing that the Kanyakumari town was a district of the underlying Kumari Kandam. Some of them moreover contended that whole Tamil Nadu, whole Indian landmass (south of Vindhyas) or maybe whole India were an area of Kumari Kandam. This helped ensure that the popular Tamils may be spoken to as every local individual of South India and furthermore the immediate relatives of the people of Kumari Kandam.

One such gathering is the Tamil patriots. The term Kumari Kandam first showed up inside the 15 the century Kanda Puranam, the Tamil variant of the Skanda Puranam. However, anecdotes around an old land submerged by the Indian Ocean are recorded in numerous before Tamil abstract works. In accordance with the narratives, there was a segment of land that was once commanded by the Pandiyan lords and was encompassed by the sea.

The account of Kumari Kandam isn’t considered just a story, in any case, seems, by all accounts, to be weighed down with nationalistic assessments. It has been asserted that the Pandiyan rulers of Kumari Kandam were the leaders of the whole Indian mainland which Tamil progress is that the most seasoned human advancement on the planet. At the point when Kumari Kandam was submerged, its kin spread over the globe and established fluctuated developments, henceforth the case that the lost mainland was furthermore the support of human progress.

One bit of proof acclimated help the presence of Kumari Kandam is Adam’s Bridge (otherwise called Rama’s Bridge), a chain of sedimentary shake shores made from sand, residue and little stones arranged in the Palk Strait broadening 18 miles from terrain India to Sri Lanka. This portion of land was once accepted to be a characteristic arrangement, be that as it may, others contend that photos taken by a NASA satellite delineate this land development to be an all-inclusive broken extension beneath the sea’s surface.

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Similarly, as with most affirmed fantasies, it seems likely that there’s probably some fact to the antiquated Tamil legends of Kumari Kandam, anyway exactly what amount, is yet to be resolved.

Ancient alien theorists believe a link between the submerged ruins and extra terrestrials can be found in another set of texts known as India’s Sangam literature.

Sangams were assemblies of sages. It says that the first two Sangams took place on a sunken landmass called Kumari Kandam. This area was once above water thousands of years ago. According to the accounts. But it’s now underwater.

Written By: Kuber Sharma

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