The Queen rules the Commonwealth Nations!

Commonwealth is the group of countries which were once ruled by Britishers during 19th and 20th centuries. As the countries earned their independence, they became a part of Commonwealth of Nations. The members of Commonwealth group are: Uganda, Caribbean, Trinidad, Canada, Australia, Tobago, Nigeria and India including Mozambique, Cameroon and Rwanda and these three countries were never ruled by Britishers. The structure of the commonwealth is such that Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Commonwealth and thus she is recognized as the monarch of its 16 members. India became the member of Commonwealth as during the fight for the independence, India agreed to the term that when it will become republic in January 1950 then it would willingly accept the British Sovereign as a symbol of the free association of its independent member nations and the head of the Commonwealth.  Now, Commonwealth facilitates consultations in an informal and friendly environment around the wide range of regards.

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The various concerns include security and international peace, democracy and law, the suitable development and environment, good governance, education and youth affairs, human rights, gender equality, technology and communication services, healthcare services and other issues. India has contributed for Commonwealth in two particular regards and they are: Measures by the team members against the removal of democratically elected governments by illegal and unlawful paths. So, does queen being the head of Commonwealth makes her head of India as well?According to what I have observed, I think, No, it does not make her our head. We are independent country and can decide for ourselves. There is no obligation over us to follow someone else order unless we want to. We have our own rules and law.

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These laws can be reformed by our respected heads of the department of India. We don’t take permission from another country before bringing new Law. Our own judiciary decide it. We are not bounded by any law or rule that makes us obliged to the queen. She does not decide for us anymore. In India, everyone of us have voting rights which war missing during British rule. Now, any post can be earned by any Indian, they are no more out of our reach due to some law that Britishers used once in India. We can speak any language, we can pray any God, we can study anything we want to. We are not obliged to any law that is not from India. In India, all we have to follow is Indian law. It takes a lot to be the head of a country and It is not just earned by the title. We are developing country and we are developing every day on our own. Our people are trying to bring better output and citizens do what they can do and thus like that we keep growing into better country.  We have leaders of our own and different organizations working hand in hand. But, everything is from India and within India.  

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Written By:  Nida Saqib

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