Time Travel in Ancient Hindu Texts

In a part of the movie Interstellar of Nolan, astronauts went to some Miller planet (orbiting a Gargantuan system) on which 9 hours on the planet are equivalent to 63 years on earth. Astronauts also lost one of the crew member there (named Doyle).

A similar story is mentioned in many Hindu scriptures including Mahabharata, Harivansh Purana, Devi-Bhagvata, related to time travel.

Kakudmi was the king of Kusasthali (ancient name of Dwarka, Gujarat). Beauty of Kakudmi’s daughter Revati made him think that no one is eligible enough to marry his daughter, so along-with his daughter he went to Lord Brahma to seek his advice about a suitable husband for Revati. When they arrived Brahma was listening to the musical performance by the Ghandarvas, so both of them waited patiently untill the performance ended. Then they humbly asked Brahma for help and to select anyone from the shortlisted candidates.

Upon which, Brahma laughed and explained that, time runs differently on different planes of existence, and that during the short time they had waited in Brahma-loka to see him, 27 chatur-yugas ( 108 yugas or age of man ) had passed on earth and all those persons whom Kakudmi shortlisted are died in course of time, even son and grandsons of those people’s died too. And also he is now all alone and all his friends, ministers, wives, kinsmen, treasures, armies swept away by the hand of time. King Kakudmi was overcome with astonishment and alarm at hearing this news. However, Brahma comforted him, and added that Lord Vishnu was currently incarnate on earth in the forms of Krishna and Balrama, and he recommended Balarama as a husband for Revati.

Kakudmi along-with his daughter then returned to earth which they regarded as having left only just a short while ago. They were shocked by the changes that had taken place. Not only had the landscape and environment changed, but over the intervening 27 chatur-yugas, in the cycles of human spiritual and cultural evolution, mankind was at a lower level of development than in their own time .

Daughter and father found Balarama and proposed the marriage which was accepted. The marriage was then duly celebrated.

Also as per the scriptures, one day and night of Brahma (or 2 Kalpa) is equivalent to 8.64 billion human years !

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