Top 10 Warriors According to the Ramayana

Top 10 Warriors According to the Ramayana

1. Lord Rama

Warrior Class – Atimaharathi

NOTABLE WEAPONS – Sharanga bow, Brahmastra, Gandharvastra, Aindrastra

Sharanga bow ( the most powerful bow according to mythology )

Brahmastra ( the weapon he used to kill Ravana )

Gandharvastra ( the weapon he used to kill Khara & Dusana and their army of 14000 demons within 1 hour )

Aindrastra ( the weapon of Lord Indra )

Details of Lord Rama :

He is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the central character and protagonist of the Ramayana. Lord Vishnu was born as Maryada Purushottama to kill Ravana and restore the eternal law in Treta Yuga.Lord Rama was the son of king Dasharatha and his first wife, Kausalya. Lord Rama was trained by sage Vishwamitra in war tactics and the secrets of using powerful weapons. Lord Rama performed incredible deeds throughout his life.He slew demoness Taraka in his childhood and broke the unbreakable Pinaka bow of Lord Shiva in the swayambara of Sita. Lord Rama killed Vali and helped Sugriva to become the king of the vanara race. Prior to the war against Ravana, Lord Rama and Lakshmana killed the demon brothers Khara and Dusana and their army of 14000 demons within one hour. During the war, Lord Rama killed many powerful demon warriors and countless demon soilders. The crowning incident of the Ramayana is the final confrontation between Lord Rama and Ravana, in which Lord Rama fires the Brahmastra which kills Ravana.

2. Meghanada

Warrior Class – Atimaharathi

NOTABLE WEAPONS – Naga pasha, Brahmastra

Naga pasha ( the weapon he used to defeat Lord Rama and Lakshmana )

Brahmastra ( he weapon he used to kill 67 crores ape soilders of Lord Rama’s army in just 144 minutes )

Details of Meghanada :

The invincible son of Ravana. He is the only warrior who possessed the three ultimate weapons of the three supreme gods, i.e. Brahmandastraof Lord Brahma, Vaishnavastra of Lord Vishnu, and Pashupatastra of Lord Shiva. Under the tutelage of his preceptor Shukracharya, Meghanada mastered the science of warfare and acquired all kinds of celestial weapons.

Meghanada defeated Lord Indra, Lord Indra’s son Jayanta, and other gods in the great battle between gods and demons mentioned in the Uttara kanda of Ramayana. Meghanada was given the name Indrajit by Lord Brahma because he defeated Lord Indra and conquered the heaven. Meghanada fought in an unique way. He made himself invisible using his powers of illusion before every battle he fought and was therefore invincible in battle. He fought invisibly in the midst of clouds and caused great panic as his enemies were unable to see him.

There is a vivid description in the Ramayana of the way Meghanada fought :

“The slap of his bowstring against his palm could not be heard. There was no sound from the axle of his chariot or the hooves of his horses. His movement could not be heard and his form could not be seen. Through that dark and dense cloud, there was the extraordinary downpour of his arrows. The mighty-armed one showered down iron arrows and rained down other arrows.”

Even Lord Rama was unable to destroy Meghanada’s illusion and expressed his inability to defeat Meghanada. In the Ramayana, Meghanada is the only warrior who defeated Lord Rama & LakshmanaHe rendered both Lord Rama and Lakshmana immobile with his sharp arrows and tied them using the naga pasha (a rope made of poisonous snakes.) Later Garuda came and freed Lord Rama and Lakshmana from the naga pashaIn another day of the war, he again defeated Lord Rama and Lakshmana using the Brahmastra. In the war against Lord Rama, Meghanada killed 67 crores of ape soilders with the Brahmastra in just 1/5th part of a single day (144 minutes.) Meghanada was killed by Lakshmana only when he made himself visible. Barring his final encounter with Lakshmana, Meghanada was undefeated in his entire lifetime.

3. Lakshmana

Warrior Class – Atimaharathi

NOTABLE WEAPONS – Agneyastra, Aindrastra, Vayavyastra, Brahmastra

Agneyastra ( the weapon he used to counter the Sourastra of Atikaya )

Aindrastra ( the weapon he used to counter the Aishikastra of Atikaya )

Vayavyastra ( the weapon he used to counter the Yamastra of Atikaya )

Brahmastra ( the weapon he used to kill Atikaya )

Details of Lakshmana :

The incarnation of Shesha naga (the king of snakes), on which Lord Vishnu rests eternally. Lakshmana was the son of king Dasharatha and his third wife, Sumitra. Lakshmana was the younger brother and constant companion of Lord Rama. He was a great warrior and killed many warriors in Ravana’s army. Like Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman, most of the celestial weapons had no effect on him. In the war against Ravana, only Meghanada succeeded in defeating him. As a warrior, Lakshmana had the greatest level of concentration. He was the only warrior who was capable of defeating Meghanada, as it required extraordinary patience and concentration to defeat an invincible warrior like Meghanada. Lakshmana performed the superhuman feat of killing Meghanada by the Aindrastra after a long battle in their final encounter.

4. Lord Hanuman

Warrior Class – Maharathi


Mace ( he was the best mace fighter in the Ramayana )


Details of Lord Hanuman :

The ape son of Lord Vayu, the Wind god. Lord Hanuman was an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Being the son of Wind god, he was extremely powerful. Lord Hanuman is the mightiest warrior in the Ramayana and the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. With the blessings of Lord Rama, there was no task which was impossible to Lord Hanuman. He played a vital role in Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana in the war. Lord Hanuman killed mighty generals of Ravana’s army like Akampana, Agniketu, Devantaka, Ahiravana, and Mahiravana. Almost all the celestial weapons had no effect on him. However he never defeated Meghanada, the most powerful warrior of Lanka.

5. Vali





Details of Vali :

The fierce ape son of Lord Indra, the king of the gods. Vali was the king of the ape race. Vali had a physical strength equal to 70,000 elephants. In addition, he had a boon from Lord Brahma that his opponents would lose half of their strength while fighting with him. Therefore, Vali was almost invincible in battle. Vali was so powerful that he effortlessly defeated Ravana in a battle and kept him within his armpits. Later he freed Ravana and let him to go back to Lanka. The defeat of Ravana by Vali is mentioned in the Ramayana and also in the Brahmanda purana. During his duel with his brother Sugriva, Vali was killed by Lord Rama from the back. After his death, Sugriva became the king of the ape race.

6. Ravana


NOTABLE WEAPONS – Chandrahasa, Brahmastra

Chandrahasa ( the scimitar which he obtained from Lord Shiva )

Brahmastra ( the weapon which he obtained from his great-grandfather Lord Brahma )

Details of Ravana :

The eldest son of Sage Vishrava. According to the Ramayana, Ravana was the king of Lanka and the sovereign ruler of the three worlds. The Sun, the Sky, and the planets were all under his subjugation. Ravana was a great warrior who along with his advisers and army, conquered the three worlds. Ravana defeated his half-brother Kubera (the god of wealth) in a battle & abducted his Pushpaka Vimana (the air vehicle.) He also defeated Lord Yama (the god of death) & Mrityu (the personified form of death) in a battle in Lord Yama’s abode. Ravana was so powerful that he once lifted the Kailasha mountain with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva pressed the mountain with the toe of his right foot and the entire mountain fell upon Ravana’s head. Ravana pacified the anger of Lord Shiva by singing the Shiva Tandava Stotram. Ravana is the prime antagonist in the Ramayana. He abducted Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. It lead to the great war of Ramayana, mentioned in the Yudhha Kanda of Ramayana. Ravana held Amrita (the nectar of immortality) inside his navel and therefore he was almost invulnerable to death. Lord Rama killed Ravana by firing the Brahmastra in his navel, which dried up the nectar of immortality.

7. Atikaya


NOTABLE WEAPONS – Spear, Sourastra, Aishika, Yamastra

Spear ( he attacked the army of apes with the spear )

Sourastra ( this weapon was countered by Lakshmana’s Agneyastra )

Aishikastra ( this weapon was countered by Lakshmana’s Aindrastra )

Yamastra ( this weapon was countered by Lakshmana’s Vayavyastra )

Details of Atikaya :

The younger brother of Meghanada. Atikaya was the most powerful warrior of Lanka after Meghanada and Ravana. Once upon a time, Atikaya infuriated Lord Shiva atop Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva hurled his Trident at Atikaya, but Atikaya caught the Trident in mid air and folded his hands before Lord Shiva in a humble manner. Lord Shiva was pleased at seeing this, and blessed Atikaya with the secrets of archery and divine weapons. Atikaya fought in the battle between gods and demons mentioned in the Uttara Kanda of Ramayana. During the battle, Atikaya stupefied the thunderbolt of Lord Indra and countered the noose of Lord Varuna (the god of the seas and oceans.) Atikaya defeated the gods along with his brother Meghanada and helped his father Ravana to establish sovereignty in the three worlds. He fought in the war against Lord Rama and was almost invulnerable to all the weapons. Atikaya was killed by the Brahmastra of Lakshmana.

8. Kumbhakarna



Spear ( he once defeated Lord Hanuman using the spear )


Details of Kumbhakarna :

The gigantic younger brother of Ravana. Kumbhakarna was a great warrior and considered to be Lord Indra’s equal in battle. Kumbhakarna defeated Lord Yama in a battle. In the war against Lord Rama, Kumbhakarna defeated Sugriva and rendered him close to death. He also defeated Lord Hanuman using his spear. He caused a great carnage in Lord Rama’s army. He destroyed the ape soilders like clusters of straw. Kumbhakarna was finally killed by Lord Rama.

9. Sugriva





Details of Sugriva :

The ape son of Lord Surya, the Sun god. He became the king of the ape race after his elder brother Vali’s death. Sugriva was the chief general of Lord Rama’s army of apes. He was one of the most powerful warriors in Lord Rama’s army. Sugriva once defeated Ravana brutally during the war and rendered him close to death. In the war, Sugriva killed many mighty demon warriors of Ravana’s army like Kumbha, Nikumbha, Praghasa, Mahodara, Virupaksha, and Malyavan’s son.

10. Angada


NOTABLE WEAPONS – Sword, spear



Details of Angada :

Angada was the son of Vali and the nephew of Sugriva. Angada was the crown prince of the ape race. Like Lord Hanuman and Sugriva, he also played a major role in Lord Rama’s victory in the war against Ravana. Angada killed many prominent warriors of Ravana’s army like Narantaka and Kampana. He also killed Mahaparshva, the chief general of Ravana’s army.

The analysis has been done according to the critical edition of Ramayana translated in english by Bibek Debroy.

Top 10 Warriors According to the Mahabharata

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