Unknown Facts about Arjuna?

1. Arjuna was born on an auspicious occasion when the two stars named Purva Falguni and Uttara Falguni were in the sky.

2. As soon as Arjuna was born, a celestial voice spoke of his supreme greatness. Entities like gods, celestial sages, serpents, yakshas, gandharvas and apsaras assembled to pay their respects to Arjuna.

3. Arjuna became the only Atiratha in Drona’s gurukul. An Atiratha is considered to be a warrior who has the ability to fight simultaneously with twelve Maharatha class warriors.

4. Arjuna rescued his preceptor Drona from the grasp of a crocodile when he went to bathe in the river Ganga. Pleased with Arjuna, Drona imparted him the knowledge of a lethal missile known as Brahmashira.

5. Arjuna imparted the knowledge of Agneyastra to a gandharva named Chitraratha.

6. Arjuna was the last possessor of a divine knowledge known as Chakshushi. This knowledge was first imparted by Swayambuva Manu to Soma. Vishwavasu received the knowledge from Soma. The gandharva Chitraratha received the knowledge from Vishwavasu. Chitraratha finally imparted the knowledge of Chakshushi to Arjuna.

7. Chitraratha gave one hundred divine horses to Arjuna. They were divinely scented and extremely swift to be compared with the speed of the mind. After receiving the indestructible chariot from Agni, Arjuna yoked four of these horses to his chariot.

8. Arjuna’s chariot once belonged to four deities, namely Indra, Varuna, Yama and Agni.

9. Chitraratha told Arjuna to go in the forest Utkochaka to find the sage named Dhoumya. The gandharva advised him to appoint Dhoumya as the priest of the Pandava brothers. Agreeing with him, Arjuna went to Utkochaka and requested the sage to be the priest. Dhoumya agreed to become the priest of the Pandava brothers.

10. Arjuna conquered the entire northern direction upto the land of northern Kurus. En route to conquering the northern direction, there was an occasion where he had to fight with king Bhagadatta of Pragjyotisha. The fight ensued for eight days and neither of them was able to defeat the other. At last, Bhagadattha sought to decide the outcome through conciliation. He agreed to accept Yudhishthira as the sovereign emperor which allowed Arjuna to resume the conquest of northern direction.

11. Arjuna received a knowledge known as Pratismriti from Yudhishthira. This knowledge enabled a warrior to go in the celestial realm to seek lethal weapons from Indra, Varuna, Yama, Kubera and Lord Shiva. The knowledge of Pratismriti was known only to Ved Vyasa. He imparted the knowledge to Yudhishthira who in turn imparted the knowledge to Arjuna.

12. Arjuna was the only character from Mahabharata who sat on the throne of heaven. When he reached Indraloka riding on the chariot driven by Matali, he was greeted by masses of gods like Adityas, Rudras, Saddhyas, Maruts, Vishwadevas and Ashwinis. He was greeted by Indra who requested him to sit on the throne of Indraloka for some time. Arjuna agreed and sat on his father’s throne to fulfill his father’s wish.

13. Arjuna learnt a divine knowledge known as Gandharva Veda from Chitrasena during his stay in Indraloka.

14. Arjuna resided in Indraloka for five years. During that period, he killed a plethora of demons in various dominions. Arjuna journeyed to Rasatala and killed invincible demons called Nivatakavachas. He killed those demons by using weapons like Madhava, Vishoshana, Salila, Shaila and Vajrastra. He then journeyed to the city of Hiranyapura and encountered demons called Poulamas and Kalakeyas. He invoked Roudrastra to kill fourteen thousand demons in that city. Later in Indraloka, he killed a demon named Jambha who disrupted Indra’s sacrifice.

Arjuna - The Warrior Prince of Mahabharata

15. The saga of Arjuna’s bow Gandiva is interesting. Brahma crafted the bow and held it for one thousand years. He then gave the bow to a Prajapati who held it for five hundred and three years. The Prajapati gave Gandiva to Indra who held it for eighty five years. Indra gave the bow to Soma who held it for five hundred years. Soma gave the bow to Varuna who held it for one hundred years. On bring requested by Agni, Varuna gave the Gandiva bow to him. Eventually Arjuna received the bow from Agni. He held Gandiva for sixty five years before returning it to Varuna.

16. The description of Arjuna’s bow Gandiva is interesting. It was decorated with one hundred golden eyes. It’s periphery was decorated with tusks of elephants. The back of Gandiva was decorated with sixty patterns which resembled golden fireflies. The centre of the bow was decorated with three patterns of golden rays. A large number of locust like patterns were scattered throughout the curvature of the bow. It was made of pure gold and equal to one lakh other bows.

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