Unknown Facts about Arjuna’s Son Abhimanyu

1. Abhimanyu was an incarnation of Varcha, the son of Soma.

2. Abhimanyu’s birth name was Soubhadra.

3. Yudhishthira donated ten thousand cows and heaps of gold coins to brahmanas on the occasion of Abhimanyu’s birth.

4. Lord Krishna performed auspicious rites on the occasion of Abhimanyu’s birth.

5. Abhimanyu learnt the four Vedas, the six Vedangas and the art of archery from Arjuna.

6. Abhimanyu was an Atiratha, a warrior whose prowess is considered to be sixteen times more than a Maharatha.

7. Abhimanyu was known so because he was extremely wrathful and caused immense fear to his enemies.

8. The description of Abhimanyu’s physique is interesting. His eyes and shoulders resembled a mighty bull. His wide mouth resembled a large serpent. His voice was like thunderous clouds and gait was like a large elephant. His face resembled the full moon and his body was blessed with all the auspicious marks.

9. Abhimanyu tied the knot with king Virata’s daughter Uttara. King Virata gave seven thousand horses, two hundred elephants and heaps of gems to Abhimanyu the day after the wedding ceremony.

10. Abhimanyu knew the art of penetrating Chakra Vyuha apart from Arjuna, Lord Krishna and Pradyumna.

11. A common misconception is Abhimanyu learning the knowledge of Chakra Vyuha while he was inside his mother’s womb. The truth is that Abhimanyu learnt the knowledge in his childhood from Arjuna.

12. Abhimanyu possessed the knowledge of other military formations like Makara Vyuha, Kurma Vyuha, Sarpa Vyuha and Garuda Vyuha.

13. Abhimanyu was an expert in sword fight and knew many manoeuvres of sword like Rishabha, Gandhara, Nishadha, Madhyama, Kaishika and Kratha.

14. The flagpole of Abhimanyu’s chariot was decorated with karnikara tree.

15. Abhimanyu used arrows like Kshurapra, Vatsadanta, Vipatha, Naracha, Bhalla and Anjalika to kill the soilders of Duryodhana’s army.

16. Abhimanyu wielded a divine bow called Raudra, which he received from Balarama.

17. Abhimanyu possessed lethal weapons like Aindrastra and Agneyastra.

18. Abhimanyu defeated Karna and killed six counsellors of Karna in a fierce fight.

19. Abhimanyu also defeated foremost Kourava warriors like Drona, Ashwatthama, Shalya, Duryodhana, Dusshasana and Kritavarma.

20. It took the combined effort of five warriors Karna, Kritavarma, Kripa, Drona and Ashwatthama to deprive Abhimanyu of his weapons. Debilitated of his energy, Abhimanyu was finally brought down by Dusshasana’s son. After Abhimanyu’s death, his soul merged with Soma. Abhimanyu’s death remains the only instance in history of warfare where a warrior was brought down by a combined attack of enemy warriors.

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