Unsolved Mystery of Rama Setu (Adam’s Bridge)

Adam’s bridge also known as Rama Setu is a long bridge (near Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu) connecting India and Sri Lanka (Mannar Island), and is believed to be built by Lord Rama when he was going to save his wife Sita from Ravana who kidnapped her and held her hostage at his place i.e., Sri Lanka. According to Ramayana, the bridge was built by Lord Rama and it was found at the exact place mentioned in Ramayana.

According to Google, people used to cross the bridge on foot until the 14th century AD. And after lots of cyclones and natural disaster, the bridge broke and sank underwater. It is said that before the bridge broke one Muslim leader named Adam walked over the bridge and was the first Muslim to reach Sri Lanka. Other believe that the bridge was used by Adam to reach Adam’s peak (located in Sri Lanka) and so it is also called as Adam’s bridge.

Since the photo of the bridge was revealed by NASA in 2002, it became a topic of debate that if it is a man-made bridge or not. Some researchers claim that the bridge is man-made but there is no confirmation on the same by Indian Government. Researchers claim that the rocks on which the bridge is built are 7000 years old but the sand on which the rocks are sitting is only 4000 years old.

According to science, the bridge is man-made and they have explained why the stones were floating on water and why the bridge is underwater now. They gave the example of pumice stone which is a hardened form of the lava that comes out of a volcano. Since pumice is whole bubbles of lava, it freezes when it comes in contact with air and water due to the difference in temperature and is filled with bubbles, pumice is less dense than water which is why it floats in water. But, after some time it sinks in water which is why the bridge is underwater now.

Scientists started claiming that the stones of Ramasetu are nothing but coral formation but according to chemical composition (coral is nothing but calcium carbonate) of coral it is too dense to float on water. No one has answers for “why coral stones are formed only in Rameshwaram” as coral stone occurs only on hard surfaces and they don’t occur naturally in the sea.
But after lots of research, it is found that the bridge is neither made up of pumice stone nor coral stones which make the bridge a mystery again. Scientists and archeologists refuse to accept that it is built by Lord Rama and at the same time they also fail to provide proofs regarding floating stones in Rameshwaram.

The government was planning for Sethusamudram shipping canal project, which required dredging in the area but is now stopped by the current Government stating they respect the beliefs of people which had existed over 1000 of years and won’t demolish Ramasetu.

Written By: Rohit Rajpal

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