What are the biggest ironies in India?

This can only happen in India. No celebrities writer and eminent personalities speak on this.They don’t find communalism on this.

A plot to kill 40,000 devotees in Mumbreshwar Temple by poisoning [1].

But They feel intolerant and lynching [2]being done, when we are living peacefully.

He is a famous Actor of our country but has problem with death sentence of Terrorist[3].

His Movies are super hit here, he is a famous actor but he says he feel intolerant. Wants to move outside India[4].

He is our PM but was called Killer, One who plays with Others Life.[5]

But they(Sonia and Rahul Gandhi) are called lord of secularism[6].

He is an MP,Mr Owaisi who has Problem with NIA Amendments, but calls him the preventor of Nation. He argues for that and says he is in fear[7].

He is an MP, Mr Azam Khan who neither respect women, nor law, and nor the country.But he is an MP in LokSabha. He freely says anything about our nation, but then says he is being punished for not migrating to Pakistan [8]

They fooled and ruled people of Bihar. They took it back a decades, but they say, we are fighting for common people of Bihar.

They are bitter enemy but joins hands to win.They were thrown out individually, but then come together and say, by throwing the ruling party they will bring development.

She is elected as MP, but when people raise grievance to her on cleanliness, she says not elected to clean toilet[9] .

They are called Mother,Sister,Wife and then also our country is suffering from these cases (Unnao rape Case[10]).Every year such incidents come up. Whether it is normal people or anyone, but It hurts by seeing people like him(Kuldeep Singh).He is an MLA.

She doesn’t have faith on her work, but has to keep chanting slogan of all religions.Hindu Muslim can unite, but she has to stop one’s festival for celebrating other[11].

She says there is Fascism in India,Whole India is burning but can’t look inside what going in her state how people are being killed.

He came(Kejriwal) to fight corruption[12] said will never enter politics, but now he is protecting India with all the corrupts[13] .

He(KumarSwamy) was CM of a state, but says why should i work for you, you didn’t vote for me[14].Should i order a lathi charge.

They guard our borders day and night. They protect our country. But leaders here ask them for proof when they strike[15].

They say they are fighting for their people and wants peace. But till today never thought we should think of development.

They eat from our country but speak of others(Hurriyat[16]).

Opposition parties here call PM Thief but speak him(Masood Azhar) with Respect[17].

Awards here are given for achievements changing society, but it is used for political motives[18].

Now this is from Cricket.

He(Dhoni) won so many trophies, brought all laurels to India, but suddenly started being blamed for all loses[19].

He(Virat Kohli) has won so many games, but people even don’t spare his wife, when he lose. No one remember his wife(Anushka) in win[20]

Comming back to States.

They are also our brother and Sister from north east states, but it hurts when they are ignored, called foreigners[21].

They also contribute towards development of All states, Work as cheap labour. We call India one but still target them[22].

They(Kashmiri Pandits) are also sons of this land, but thrown out of their own home land . But no one remembers them.[23]

Summing up with this.This hurts me most.

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