What happens if India faces a situation like Italy during COVID ’19?

Let’s see some facts

Till now nearly 81,470 Chinese got affected by Coronavirus. But only 3,304 people dead. If you see Italy, 1,01,739 got affected by Coronavirus. But nearly 11,591 people dead. That means China have nearly 4% of death rate out of affected people. But Italy have 11.4% of death rate out of affected people

Let’s see why more people are dead in Italy compared to china.

  1. 90% of people who dead because of Corona are mostly old people (60+ age). Since Italy has more number of old people which makes 2nd largest country having more old people.
  2. 50% of people who dead because of Corona are also victims of more than 3 or 4 other diseases like Diabetes, heart problems etc…,

Let’s see what happens to India if it faces situations like Italy.

By analyzing the above data of Italy, It has over 10,000 of old people who dead because of Corona. The total population of Old people in Italy is nearly about 1.5cr.

If we consider India, it have 8crore + old people. If we get the same situation like italy, 55,000 old people have a chance to die.


  • Italy ranks 2nd in Health-Care system
  • India ranks 145th in Health-Care system
Unfortunately, there is a very good chance that India is heading straight into the Italy-Spain situation. Two reasons:
  1. The 21-day lockdown was a good idea. But, it’s very tough to implement. Thousands of poor people have gathered together in their effort to get back to their villages. Some of them are infected, and they will infect their home areas. Very tough to control people in the villages and small towns, particularly in the early stages when people are infected but not yet dying in numbers.
  2. India is way behind in Test, Quarantine, and Treat (TQT). Most countries are short of TQT facilities. Never planned for such a huge increase in need. India is not on an emergency, war-like path to increase TQT facilities. No level of the government -Union, State, panchayat – has a coherent, practical, coordinated plan to do it.

The fundamental problem is that the virus creeps on for a 10–14 days, and then BOOM! It explodes. In the interim, people tend not to take it seriously. That’s what is happening in India. While the 21-day lockdown is a serious step, no one is taking it seriously that India needs to double or triple TQT facilities – at least.

Italy, here we come.

Here is my article in a Maha local paper.

I don’t know how India is going to handle this type of situation that Italy got. Luckily, our situation is controllable in present scenario. Thanks to Indian government for makes some very good advance moves like Lockdown.

So please support our government in making our country free from Coronavirus.

And also don’t fool yourself by coming out from home for unnecessary things. Let the police men and doctors do their duty.

Stay Home Stay Safe…

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