Which countries will support India and which ones will support Pakistan, If a war is announced today?

Scenario – War Between India And Pakistan

The countries that support India –

1 . Russia and Israel – These countries will support India at any times and is considered as the all weather friends . They will surely help India by providing weapons , troops , missiles and bombs etc .

2 . USA – They had supported Pakistan in the past . But past will never be same as present or future . Now Donald Trump is the president of USA . He will be surely supporting India . They will always make their move against China who will be supporting Pakistan .

3. Japan , Great Britain , Bangladesh and Afghanistan also will be there to support India .

The countries that support Pakistan –

1 . China – This country is looking for the right time to turn against India . They will be the closest ally of Pakistan in all purposes . China consider’s India as their main competitor/threat in Asia . They will be the main provider of weapons , missiles and troops to Pakistan .

2 . North Korea – They will be following path of China to support Pakistan .

3 . Turkey and Some Gulf nations – Turkey is one of the strong supporter of Pakistan and other Gulf countries may support Pakistan for mutual benefits .

Every other countries will be taking a neutral stance .

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