Why is America, nowadays, praising India so much?

It’s called as Lobby. The Reason is Market. It’s the same US under Nixon that insulted Indira Gandhi and Indians in a very Derogatory manner. India is a huge market for US products and we Indians can be easily flattered with kind words and projecting Joining a US company is the Highest award a Indian can get has resulted in Brain Drain.

During 1971 Bangladesh war US , UK Sent their AIRCRAFT Carrier to ATTACK India. The Seventh Fleet, which was then stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin, was led by the 75,000 ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise. The world’s largest warship, it carried more than 70 fighters and bombers. The Seventh Fleet also included the guided missile cruiser USS King, guided missile destroyers USS Decatur, Parsons and Tartar Sam, and a large amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli.

Soviet Russian Intervention: Soviet intelligence reported that a British naval group led by the aircraft carrier Eagle had moved closer to India’s territorial waters. India quietly sent Moscow a request to activate a secret provision of the Indo-Soviet security treaty, under which Russia was bound to defend India in case of any external aggression.

To counter this two-pronged British-American threat, Russia dispatched a nuclear-armed flotilla from Vladivostok on December 13 under the overall command of Admiral Vladimir Kruglyakov, the Commander of the 10th Operative Battle Group (Pacific Fleet). Though the Russian fleet comprised a good number of nuclear-armed ships and atomic submarines, their missiles were of limited range (less than 300 km). Hence to effectively counter the British and American fleets the Russian commanders had to undertake the risk of encircling them to bring them within their target. This they did with military precision. Because of russia’s help we won the war.

No permanent friends only interest of countries It is the same Russia that has now sold S400 to China and Several High Level Projects and Defence Deals had been signed with them.

In US TRUMP would say H1B should be stopped. Only skilled people who’re really needed should be allowed. We should start a policy Only the products that cannot be Manufactured in India should be Imported.

Why the US and the world are turning hostile to Indian workers

When a Private Companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing can manufacture all the Defence products. We can also do the same

With Such Appeasements Praising our Politicians they may Try to get Defence Deal of India that accounts worth billion of $$$. Though US has a history of Gun Culture that has resulted in the death of thousands of US Citizens they’ve never restricted the rules.

You can very well understand how much influence US Companies have in their Bureaucracy. It’s all for Profit.

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